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What Facebook Did Right With Employees

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/21/2016

On a cold winter’s day in February of 2004, in a Harvard dorm room, a 19-year old Mark Zuckerberg officially launched (Facebook’s original digital home). Membership was originally limited to Harvard College but soon spread to other Ivy League schools, and eventually to the world. Facebook grew rapidly, and…


Death By Hourly Wage

By Jonathan Fields | 09/14/2016

I write very quickly. Especially when it comes to response-driven marketing copy. It’s taken years of study, practice and a significant investment over time. So, if I can now create an asset that generates six or seven figures in revenue while a client sleeps, what do they care how long…


4 Things Everyone Gets WRONG About House Flipping (These Mistakes Could Cost You Thousands)

By Justin Williams | 09/13/2016

My name is Justin Williams, and over the past 9 years, I’ve flipped more than 500 houses.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what I do.  And I’ve seen many new and inexperienced investors buy into these “myths” and lose thousands of dollars. I don’t want you…


Debate: If It’s Not on Facebook, Did It Actually Happen?

By Nick Papple | 09/12/2016

You went out for brunch yesterday but you forgot to snap a photo of your pumpkin-ginger waffles, did you really go out for brunch? On your last trip to Los Angeles, Facebook’s airport check-in was broken so none of your friends could see that you were traveling, did you really…


3 Pieces of Career Advice from the Most Persuasive Man in the World

By Nick Papple | 09/9/2016

Everyone is talking about Apple’s keynote this week. While the critics are losing their minds over the jack-less new iPhone 7, I’ve been more excited about the release of a new book by, arguably, the most persuasive man in the world. The book is called Pre-suasion and the author is Robert Cialdini. Pre-suasion is the…


E-Commerce Is Speedy, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

By Early to Rise | 09/9/2016

The best thing about e-commerce is that your store is always open, bringing in revenue whether you are awake or not. Wait, no, the best thing about e-commerce is the inventory flexibility, meaning you can stock items big and small, mass-produced or custom-made, and you will still find eager buyers.…


How Billion-Dollar Companies Plan for the Future

By Nick Papple | 08/29/2016

This weekend I watched an hour-long talk Brian Tracy gave at a private event. The event was Joe Polish’s Genius Network Event and Joe was kind enough to upload the full video to YouTube. I don’t expect many of you to watch the full video so I figured I’d share my big takeaway…


Mirror Customer Behavior to Build Trust, Make More Sales and Get More Dates

By Nick Papple | 08/19/2016

I called and she picked up. “Hel-lo” She sounded shocked that I was calling. Then she said, “can you text me instead?” When I asked why, she said she didn’t like talking on the phone — it was weird :/ … I never texted her back after that. Whether you’re trying to…


Success: What Price Will You Pay?

By Bob Bly | 08/18/2016

The question that has always vexed me most is when a subscriber writes and asks: “Should I become a freelance copywriter?” “Should I start an Internet marketing business?” “Should I [fill in the blank here]?” Now, if you ask me HOW to do these things, I can give you some…


How to Increase Conversions Using FOMO

By Nick Papple | 08/16/2016

You slide into bed and crack open a book.  After the day you just had, this is exactly where you want to be.  What could be better than this? You think.  As you turn the page, you hear a ding! Your best friend just sent you a text.  Where r…


The Power of Personalized Gifts

By Nick Papple | 08/12/2016

In Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Cialdini reveals the six universal principles of persuasion. The first principle is Reciprocity. What a lot of people don’t know about this first principle is it extends beyond just giving in order to get. In a talk Cialdini gave at the International Behavioural Insights Conference…


Sell the End Result, Not the Steps to Get There

By Nick Papple | 08/8/2016

“Why would someone pay for this?” is what I was thinking. Not that long ago, I couldn’t understand why someone would pay for one of those “X-Number-of-Days Challenge” programs you see being advertised. You know, the ones that promise your dream body in 21 days. Most of these challenges are extreme…