7 Time Saving Tools for Business Owners

Business professionals from all over the world are trying their best every day to manage their time properly. In today’s business environment, time is the most essential factor for any type of entrepreneur, marketer, blog owner, and so on. This is the effect caused by the huge boom of the digital media trend.

In the present moment, if you have enough budget, you can do one hundred things at once. For example, you can start a niche blog and outsource the manager, writers, and customer service. It will be a passive income; then you can focus on other things. Maybe you want to start a local business. Why not?

That’s why time is crucial for anyone’s professional success. In the digital world that we live in, we have the opportunity to take advantage of many useful software and tools in order to boost our productivity and save time for important things.

This article covers a few of the most useful time saving tools that any business owner should consider using. If you can take advantage of the modern technology that definitely makes things easier, you should definitely do it!

1. Trello

Time saving tools

More than often, we’re going to come across situations in which we have to deal with more projects at once. Whenever that happens, we often become disorganized, and we start making a mess out of our schedule and work. We need proper project management for all of our projects.

That’s where Trello comes in; you can use it in order to create projects, notes, tasks, deadlines, and important reminders. You can even connect with more team members or employees and assign different tasks to different individuals.

2. Hootsuite

Time saving tool hootsuite

Online or offline, any type of business needs proper social media promotion. In order to attract thousands of potential customers and followers, you really need to get into the bread and butter of the market. Social media provides a lot of tools to reach targeted potential prospects at a high volume.

With Hootsuite you can manage multiple social media channels at once. For example, you could have two or three Facebook pages, two Twitter accounts, one Instagram profile, and one 2 more LinkedIn accounts. You can auto-schedule posts and automate them all!

3. Careers Booster

time saving tools careers booster

Every professional should be able to come up with an impressive resume, ready to be used whenever the opportunities show themselves. I always thought that this is one of the most common aspects that business individuals and more types of professionals are neglecting.

Don’t make the same mistake, instead take care of your resume. I’d suggest using Careers Booster, as they are qualified in creating professional CVs according to the client’s requests. They’re also affordable and will save you from a lot of trouble.

4. Upwork

time saving tools upwork

If you have never heard of Upwork, it is the former Elance-oDesk freelancing platform. They’ve changed their name, their policies, and their overall brand image. It’s one of the best freelancing and hiring platforms on the Internet, and I believe that it’s the best place to outsource your services from.

By being a business professional, you are already overwhelmed by responsibilities, thoughts, and problems. I’d suggest leaving the time-consuming tasks to someone who has more energy to dedicate, and maybe is even more professional. Invest your money instead of your time.

5. Dropbox

time saving tools dropbox

You can’t just lose important files or important information! By sending files through private messaging, e-mails, or even storing them on your external devices you are putting yourself at risk. Whenever you lose a file, you are losing precious time. 

Use Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage tools around the internet. You can store your files, add more people to the same cloud network, and set different permissions and rules. You can save a lot of time by just dragging your files into a folder within Dropbox.

6. Pocket

Time saving tool pocket

Pocket is a tool that allows you to save files on your mobile phone and other smart devices that you usually carry. You can save pictures, files, links, videos, and basically any type of digital format. Then, you can access them on your computer and save a lot of time by not having to go back and remember what you’ve just read.

7. Pomodoro App

Time saver pomodoro app

Have you ever heard of Pomodoro technique? If not, you should check this resource out. It allows you to organize your time in such a way that you stay really productive and you avoid losing time. Every business professional should have a time management and work management system. Pomodoro technique is a good option!


Being an entrepreneur and business owner isn’t that easy. While it can be an amazing alternative to the traditional 9 to 5,  it’s often more challenging and demanding. If you want to do it right, you should always work on improving your time management strategies.

The more time you have to dedicate to your business, the more results and success you’ll be able to achieve. Start using some of the mentioned tools and watch your productivity grow!

About the Author: Eva Wislow is a writer at Assign Yourwriter and career coach from Pittsburgh. She is focusing on helping people discover their true calling and achieve their most ambitious career goals. In her free time Eva enjoys traveling. Connect with Eva on Twitter.