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The Secret to Selling Anything Online: Don’t Summarize

By Nick Papple | 06/21/2016

The secret to selling a digital product online to someone you’ve never met before is the same as the secret to selling your script to a Hollywood movie producer: Don’t summarize. I learned this from reading one of Michael Hauge’s articles on Michael is a top Hollywood story expert, author, and lecturer who…


I Doubted Everything In My Life… Here’s What Happened

By James Altucher | 06/17/2016

Someone wrote on Quora: “I want to benefit all of humanity as much as possible. But how can I get over all the doubts I have?” My response: You’re going to totally fail. Your doubts are completely correct. I’m not saying this in some reverse psychology way. You’re not a teenager…


How to Make Your Customers WANT to Give You a Referral

By Nick Papple | 06/13/2016

As I was leaving the dentist, the receptionist asked if I would give a referral. “Maybe you could tell your contacts about us. We’d really appreciate it,” she said. Then she handed me a couple flyers. I smiled and replied, “sure.” Then I walked out of the office. If you…


How This Student Could Make $1.6 Million in ‘a Couple of Hours’

By Nick Papple | 06/10/2016

Here’s a cool Friday-feel-good story for you with one very important lesson. Earlier this week, a video of a student from NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music went viral. Maybe you saw it? The video was from a Masterclass where Grammy Award-winning-recording artist Pharrell Williams sat in as a guest lecturer,…


Lead Magnets: Your Ambassador

By Mary Ellen Tribby | 06/8/2016

If you have an online business such as an Inbox Magazine, e-letter or a blog and you do not have a lead magnet, you are turning away customers by the boatload. Even if your main business is a physical brick and mortar one such as a spa or bait store,…


How to Get Richer Every Day

By Mark Morgan Ford | 06/7/2016

Of the hundreds of wealth-building strategies I’ve tried over the years, the best one was also the simplest: Make sure you get a little bit richer every day. This thought occurred to me more than 30 years ago. I’d recently decided to become rich, and that decision had me reading…


3 Business Lessons from Chick-fil-A

By Nick Papple | 06/6/2016

Nobody was expecting this… Last week, Chick-fil-A introduced its first app called One App and in three days the app was downloaded over 1 million times, making it the #1 downloaded app in Apple’s free-app store last week. If you’re wondering what the cluck happened? I’ll tell you… Free food.…


What to Do When You Get Punched in the Mouth

By Nick Papple | 06/2/2016

“I think that the minute that you have a backup plan, you’ve admitted that you’re not going to succeed.” —  Elizabeth Holmes, CEO Theranos In 2015, Elizabeth Holmes was named America’s richest self-made woman by Forbes magazine. Forbes valued Holmes’ blood-testing company at $9 billion — making Holmes’ net worth an estimated $4.5…


Why You Want Your Customers to Say “No”

By Nick Papple | 05/24/2016

What does the biggest generation in the American workforce right now value most in a job? The answer: Autonomy. It’s no wonder books like Greg McKeown’s Essentialism or James Altucher’s The Power of No or Cal Newport’s Deep Work are flying off shelves. The word “No” is trending. The thing you need to know about the…


Why So Many Entrepreneurs Become Disillusioned

By Jonathan Fields | 05/19/2016

You finally started your own business or private practice. And, now, you’re in hell. It’s three years in, and things aren’t going as planned. Growth is slow, you’re spending so much time doing the grunt work and servicing customers, you have no time to focus on the big picture. Growth has…


How to Craft Presentations that Sell

By Nick Papple | 05/18/2016

“In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Management cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good salesman.” — David Ogilvy, 1983, Confessions of an Advertising Man Quick!…


Greasy Openers: How to Keep Consumers’ (Read: Millennials) Attention

By Nick Papple | 05/17/2016

This might be the laziest thing I’ve read about millennials in a while. According to the Observer, movie studios in Hollywood have started adding 8-10-second teaser trailers to their “longer” (90-second) movie trailers to cater to the short attention spans of millennials. “Consumers (read: millennials) only pause scrolling to watch a video…