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Multimillionaire advice

If You Had Dinner With a Multimillionaire, What Advice Would they Give You?

By Mark Morgan Ford | 05/21/2024

I accepted a dinner invitation (something I never do) after my interest was peaked by a city government worker who had applied one of my big ideas.


The 6 BIGGEST Myths About Creating Wealth (And the Truth that Will Make You Rich)

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/18/2024

If you want to create real wealth, you must start by ELIMINATING the myths and fallacies that are keeping you broke. Here are 6 of them to get you started.

Becoming a Decamillionaire

6 Steps to Becoming a Decamillionaire, From a Man Who Started Out Broke

By Mark Morgan Ford | 11/15/2023

With the right mindset and game plan, any ordinary, unconnected, wage-earning American can become wealthy, if they use these tips.


The First Step to Truly Getting Rich

By Mark Morgan Ford | 11/10/2023

The first step to getting rich is shifting the way you look at the world to ask almost without thinking, how can this build my wealth?


Mentor Protege Magic – How Mentors Can Change Your Life

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/27/2023

A man looks at his youth and says, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” That’s what “Eric,” a pot dealer who spent four years in jail, said to me after he had become a multimillionaire. Eric was talking about what he had learned about direct marketing. I…

Why Every Copywriter Needs a Big Idea

Why Every Copywriter Needs a Big Idea

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/26/2023

Think you have the most compelling copywriting in your industry? Unless you have this “big idea” concept at the heart of it, you could be dead wrong.

seven figures

How To Reach A Net Worth Of Seven Figures In Seven Years

By Mark Morgan Ford | 05/3/2020

A year-by-year breakdown of how to make seven figures in seven years, even if you were broke and making only $50,000 a year.

making money can ruin your life

Getting Rich Can Ruin Your Life… Unless You Read This

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/26/2018

You read that correctly. Getting rich can RUIN your life and happiness… Unless you read THIS article from my friend and mentor Mark Ford.

a serious answer to a silly question

A Serious Answer to a Silly Question

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/12/2018

I get asked a lot of silly questions. But today, I read a silly question that I’m going to give a serious answer.

60-second self improvement solution

Too Busy to Make Time For Yourself? Try This 60-Second Self Improvement Solution

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/4/2018

If you’re too busy to focus on your self improvement, then this 60-second solution is the solution you’ve been searching for. Click here to read more.

How to double the number of books you read

How to Double the Number of Books You Read this Year

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/3/2018

Discover a proven and simple method to double the number of books you read this year so that you can learn from the best and create your dream life.

build wealth

5 Skills to Help Anyone Build Wealth (Regardless of Career)

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/9/2017

if you want the ability to create consistent, lasting wealth, regardless of your age or circumstances, you must master at least one of these financially valuable skills.