016 – #1 Morning Ritual and the Perfect Morning Routine for You

#1 Morning Ritual and the Perfect Morning Routine for You

Magic Time in the morning is your key to success. It’s how you get ahead of the world when you take massive action on what matters most and achieve BIG victories that no one can take away from you. There are no distractions, fewer temptations, and you have greater willpower and discipline, focus and persistence, and energy and clarity. But what should YOU be doing first thing in the morning? Today you’re going to design YOUR perfect morning routine… and it starts with looking at exactly what I do, how I do it, what I don’t do, and how I prepare for my perfect mornings.

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015 – Real-Life James Bond Shows You How to Get Rich, Become a Value-Adder, and Build the Perfect Plan for Your Life

Discover the 3 secrets to financial and time freedom from Simon Black, a real-life James Bond, and mentor to thousands of successful people around the world. You’ll hear how you must get a mentor, build your financial literacy, and grow your network of positive, like-minded people if you want to succeed in life. Plus, you’ll discover his guilty pleasure, and his top book recommendations for people that think outside the box. If you’re an original thinker, thought leader, and world traveler, you’re going to love today’s show.

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Two-Hour Work Day

two-hour work day

Use this daily structure to get everything done in a two-hour work day, whether you’re on vacation on working a regular week from home.

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014 – Digital Detox Success Secrets: How to Go Device Free For a Day

014 - Digital Detox Success Secrets

Doing a controversial Digital Detox Device Free Day helps you regain control of your life, dominate your days, get more done, and finally achieve the success you want… faster. Plus, taking time every day to UNPLUG is the secret to the success of business icons like Warren Buffett, Hedge Fund Manager Ray Dalio, publisher and author, Arianna Huffington, and even Mark Zuckerberg, the man who has dedicated his life to making you addicted to social media! This approach to your time is so counter-intuitive that only a few people have the wisdom to use it. But it’ll change your life for the better. Discover how to do a full day Digital Detox in today’s show.

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