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Feeling the Pinch – and How to Pinch Back

By Rich Schefren | 12/16/2008

So are you feeling the pinch these days?

When the economy slides like it has over the last year or so, the knee-jerk reaction is to tighten the belt. Business owners look at the bottom line, see what’s not absolutely necessary, and get rid of it.


Give Your Self-Published Book the “Loose-Leaf Test”

By Bob Bly | 12/16/2008

How do you ensure that the information products you sell online give fair value to your customers? One way is to follow Internet marketing guru Fred Gleeck’s “10 times” rule. Fred says that the information products you sell should be worth at least 10 times the price you charge for them.


Are You Resilient Enough?

By Mark Morgan Ford | 12/15/2008

With the economy failing, companies making cutbacks, and your financial future at stake, you might be feeling pretty grim. But don’t even think about throwing in the towel. There are lots of opportunities out there – opportunities to make loads of money and put more happiness and love back in your life.


Maximizing Ad Swaps, Guest Editorials, and JV Opportunities

By Wendy Montes de Oca | 12/12/2008

Now is a great time to look to your competition for opportunities to help grow your list and add extra revenues to your bottom line for little or no cost. For example, here at Early to Rise I just completed media buy (i.e., outside advertising purchasing) recommendations for all of…


Here’s Your Ticket Out of the Recession

By Charlie Byrne | 12/12/2008

If the recession has you paralyzed in your tracks and scared shoeless for your financial future, here’s a radical idea.

Start your own online business. Yes, and do it right now.


How to Establish “Brand Presence”

By Mark Morgan Ford | 12/11/2008

The end goals of direct-response marketing (DRM) and brand marketing are entirely different. Direct response wants to get the customer to provide information or open his wallet. Branding, on the other hand, wants to get the customer to remember the product.


Economy and Markets Often Go Separate Ways

By Andrew Gordon | 12/11/2008

Since we’ve had negative S&P 500 growth in every quarter of our current recession – which began a year ago this month – it may seem that a falling economy is always accompanied by a falling stock market. But this is not true.


Help Yourself by Putting Your Customers First

By Paul Lawrence | 12/11/2008

An insurance agent named Tolbert had a remarkable ability to sell insurance. He’d been trained to sell people the most insurance that he could and he did it well, according to Stedman Graham in his book Build Your Own Life Brand. But although Tolbert was very successful, he was not happy.


Consider Investing in Long-Distance Properties

By Dean Graziosi | 12/9/2008

Some of the most successful real estate investors you’ll ever meet will tell you one thing: Invest where you live. This is the advice I give to my students, especially if they’re newbies. Though you may hear about hot areas a hundred miles or more away, think carefully before investing there. Why? Because it’s difficult to gain thorough knowledge of a market area if you aren’t living there. And even if you can get a snapshot of knowledge that can carry you through a successful purchase, you won’t be around to notice the nuances of change that could signal the need to sell before problems set in.


The Unexpected Side Effects of Making Money (and How to Avoid Them)

By Mark Morgan Ford | 12/8/2008

My life changed when I decided, one day, that “make a lot of money” would be my number one goal. Focusing on that goal and making it a priority changed my income… from about $50,000 a year to seven-plus figures. It changed my business status from that of a nameless employee to that of an employer of hundreds. It changed my lifestyle from one of making minimum payments on credit card statements to the kind happy movies provide for their heroes.


Think Before You “Blink”

By Alexander Green | 12/6/2008

How many times have you made a new acquaintance, thought you knew him, and then one day discovered he was not the person you thought he was? (Sometimes better, sometimes worse.) How many times have you been badgered, cajoled, or (okay) dragged to an event that turned out to be a lot of fun?


Do You Leave Your Customers Scratching Their Heads?

By Jason Holland | 12/4/2008

Doctors are known for their inability to explain to patients, in laymen’s terms, what’s going on. And they’re not alone. In the business world, many companies sabotage customer relationships and lose sales because they use in-house shorthand, jargon, and corporate-speak.