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Graphic Design Riches

By Marc Charles | 01/6/2009

Today, I’m going to tell you about one of the hottest rising trends out there – and why you should get in on this opportunity now.

I’m talking about the business of graphic design.


A Technique That Always Works to Win Over the Crowd

By Paul Lawrence | 01/6/2009

Whether it’s speaking to a group of peers at a company meeting, a group of potential clients, or a group of seminar attendees who are there to hear you share your knowledge, being a good public speaker can really pay off.


The Choice Is Yours

By Suzanne Richardson | 01/5/2009

I’d almost given in to a classic sales strategy. Expert copywriter John Forde calls it the “Foregone Conclusion” technique. And you might want to put it to work in your marketing efforts.


Build Your List with Free, Paid, and Leveraged Traffic

By Brian Edmondson | 01/3/2009

“How do I get more traffic to my website?” “How do I build a list?” “How can I make more money online?” These are three of the most common questions I get from aspiring Internet entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned online professionals.


Overcome Writer’s Block Forever

By Charlie Byrne | 01/2/2009

I already knew that Michael Masterson, one of the world’s top copywriters, was on board and heading to the French countryside for the three-day writing conference I was attending. But now I saw John Forde taking a seat beside him. To have Forde presenting at the conference as well as Masterson would be a fabulous extra bonus.


Selling Your House in Today’s Market

By Julie Broad | 01/1/2009

You might think that the best way to sell your house in a slumping market is to price it low and then just get it listed on every website you can. But you may find, like many of my neighbors have, that is not enough.


The Loneliest Lemonade Stand

By Yanik Silver | 12/31/2008

Last summer, my neighbor’s 10-year-old son, Spencer, set up a lemonade stand in front of his house. We live in an area with little car or foot traffic. While it’s great for letting kids play outside – it’s not so good for a budding lemonade tycoon.


10 Simple Ideas to Help Your Business

By David Cross | 12/30/2008

“How is the job hunting going?” I asked my friend Jane. “Well, nobody EVER hires during the holidays, so there’s no point in looking. Actually, I’m kind of hoping I can get my unemployment benefits extended.” If my dad had heard that, he would have had a fit. He strongly…


What’s Just as Important as Your Product?

By Suzanne Richardson | 12/29/2008

A bonus is the free special report you get when you sign up for a newsletter… the MP3 download you get when you buy a book… the 6-in-1 kitchen tool and set of precision steak knives you get when you order a Ginsu knife… or the free shipping you get when you order a Land’s End fleece jacket.


How to Get Your Offers to Celebrities

By Paul Lawrence | 12/27/2008

When I was getting ready to promote the 2008 International Sketch Comedy Competition, I needed a celebrity host. I’d been producing this event for several years – but this time, I intended to market a video of it. And I knew that if I wanted to have a chance of doing that successfully, I needed a “name.”


Take a Good Hard Look Behind You

By Rich Schefren | 12/27/2008

I discovered long ago that if I wanted to continually improve my company and my own performance I need to leverage my past experience for all it’s worth. Stated more simply – to make 2009 the best it can be, you need to analyze what took place in 2008.


Become a Killer Link Builder

By Alexis Siemon | 12/26/2008

Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). When you attract links from other relevant websites, that tells the search engines that yours is a site to be trusted, and, therefore, displayed for relevant keyword searches.