Have Fun, Lose Fat

On Sunday morning, I was reviewing my daily motivational quotes when I stumbled across this one: “Enjoy life. Treat it as an adventure. Care passionately about the outcome, but keep it in perspective. Things are seldom as bleak as they seem when they are going wrong – or as good as they seem when they are going well. Lighten up. You’ll live longer.”

I’ve translated that into a fat-loss lesson for you. Here’s what I believe…

If you hate running, don’t do it! If you hate lifting weights, find an alternative! If you’d rather be swing-dancing than tread-milling, start swing-dancing!

I find that too many people hate their workouts. They stop trying hard, see fewer results, and they quit. That’s just one of the reasons I created a fat-loss lifestyle program that requires only three short (45-minute) but intense workouts per week. And I encourage my clients to stay active with activities they enjoy the other four days of the week.

You don’t have to stress about going to the gym to do 60 minutes of cardio on a boring machine when staying at home and playing with your kids will accomplish the same thing. And you’ll remember those minutes a lot more than you will remember another hour on the dreaded cardio machine.

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