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The 5 Faces of Your Customer

By Wendy Montes de Oca | 11/21/2008

One of the most profound business books I ever read was Permission Marketing by Seth Godin.

The ideas in the book were very innovative at the time. The Internet and e-mail marketing were still young, and, like the Wild Wild West, most marketers and business owners were still trying to “wrangle it in” and figure out how to leverage the Web’s possibilities… and, more important, turn those possibilities into profits.


How to Build an Instant Business

By Paul Lawrence | 11/20/2008

If you read the advice of many “small-business experts,” you’ll be told that you should expect to wait at least a year – possibly more – before your start-up can begin to see a profit. That’s what I was taught when I studied business administration in college – and it turns off a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. “I can’t afford to wait that long,” they think. “I need to make money NOW.”


The Worst Way to Make Marketing Decisions

By Bob Bly | 11/19/2008

“Why do marketers like ETR and AWAI send me 16-page direct-mail sales letters when the copywriter could have said the same thing in 1 to 2 pages?” Betty writes. “The prospect might even buy out of gratitude for not having to wade through those 16 pages, and breathe a sigh of relief instead of snarl a nasty expletive.”


Rescue Me?

By Wendy Montes de Oca | 11/19/2008

Have you ever been in the middle of an online purchase and, for whatever reason – pre-buyer’s remorse, second thoughts – decided not to continue with it and backed out of the sales page? If you did, I’m sure you’ve seen those little windows that magically appear on your computer…


My Unexpected Bootcamp “Takeaway”

By Kate Benson | 11/18/2008

When you’re marketing your products and services, it’s critical to establish trust with your prospective customer. That was one of my biggest “takeaways” from ETR’s Info Marketing Bootcamp this year.


10 Questions You NEED to Ask If Your Site Isn’t Making Any Sales

By Derek Gehl | 11/18/2008

If you recently launched a website and aren’t getting the results you expected, you need to ask yourself every single question on the list below, starting with number one. Once you can answer “yes” to all 10 questions, I guarantee the sales will come rolling in.


A Gift for a Bad Customer

By Suzanne Richardson | 11/14/2008

Getting coupons is nothing new. Most of the retailers I patronize hand them out when you make a purchase. It’s a nice “reward” for being a good customer. What I’m not accustomed to is getting a coupon for being a bad customer – which is what had just happened.


Show Me the Money

By Mary Ellen Tribby | 11/14/2008

Radio, TV, banner ads, pay-per-click (PPC), magazine ads, billboards… There are dozens if not hundreds of marketing channels you can use to get your sales message across. We don’t expect you to use all of them all of the time – but you should know what your options are. Test different channels and different channel combinations, and roll out with what is most effective for you and your organization.


The “Art” of the Sale

By Yanik Silver | 11/12/2008

The first part of any sales process is typically grabbing the attention of the prospective customer – and my attention was caught by a piece in one of the windows. It was cartoonish yet sophisticated. So I popped into the gallery. The piece was by an artist named Todd White, and it was called “My Heaven and Hell.”


Don’t Sweat the Election

By Rick Pendergraft | 11/11/2008

You may be concerned about the stock market now that Barack Obama has won the election. Some people believe that Republicans are better for Wall Street than Democrats are. But history shows that the market has actually performed better under Democrat presidents.


How to Get Past Your Distaste of Selling

By Mark Morgan Ford | 11/10/2008

“Understand that you need to sell you and your ideas in order to advance your career, gain more respect, and increase your success, influence, and income.” – Jay Abraham As we keep telling you, just about anyone can start a business. But there’s an important caveat – and it jumped…


How to Avoid the World’s #1 Copywriting Mistake

By Charlie Byrne | 11/8/2008

I’d say it’s the #1 mistake most untrained or beginner copywriters make…

I’m talking about focusing inward on yourself instead of outward on your prospect or customer.

I was reminded of it again just this morning as I drove by a local sub shop.