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Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain!

By Rich Schefren | 12/4/2008

All of the most successful people I know in the Internet marketing business have their own “man behind the curtain.” That person takes care of everything behind the scenes, making sure the business is running smoothly on all cylinders and not missing a beat. And he’s vital to its success.


The Lesser of Two Evils

By Paul Lawrence | 12/3/2008

I’m sure you’ve been in a position – both in your personal and your business life – where you’ve had to persuade someone to make a decision that they were not really eager to make.


Who Benefits From the Increased Volatility?

By Rick Pendergraft | 12/3/2008

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend of mine who works within the financial industry, on the advertising side of the business. And something Tom said hit home with me: With companies cutting back on advertising, parts of his business are down – but online brokers are going strong.


5 Steps to the Perfect Guarantee

By Bob Bly | 12/2/2008

“Use a strong guarantee” is standard advice in direct marketing. Without a strong guarantee, your sales will slow to a trickle. Buyers are loathe to buy products sight unseen – over the Internet, by phone, or by mail.


An Important Marketing Lesson From a Hot Dog Stand

By Yanik Silver | 12/1/2008

While in Chicago few weeks ago, I stumbled across a marketing lesson in the strangest of places: the Wiener’s Circle in Lincoln Park.

Wiener’s Circle is a hot dog stand that’s normal during the day but gets wild at night. It’s utter chaos. The gals behind the counter harass and crack jokes at their customers’ expense. Give it to them, and they’ll give it right back five times as hard. I couldn’t stop laughing. If you don’t know what to expect, you’ll be shocked by what you hear. (Look them up on or for the scoop.)


The “Hidden” Hot Button to Getting More Prospects to Say YES!

By Yanik Silver | 11/29/2008

Many buying decisions are made in response to an emotional trigger. So whenever you buy something, it’s always a good idea to step back and see if you can figure out what the emotional trigger was that motivated you to do it. Because if something works on you, there’s a good chance it will work on your customers, too.


The Dangers of E-Mail, Part 1: The Angry E-Mail Effect

By Suzanne Richardson | 11/28/2008

You open your inbox, and there it is … an e-mail, waiting patiently for you to read it and respond. A few seconds, a few quick keystrokes on your laptop, a click of the send button, and your response is shuttled instantaneously to its recipient.


What Makes an Entrepreneur?

By John Carlton | 11/28/2008

A few weeks back, I visited my hometown (yeah, I grew up in Cucamonga, what’s it to ya?) to see my family. Pop still lives in the same house he bought just after WWII, and it’s hard for me not to feel like I’m 15 again when I’m there.


Learn Something New Every Day

By Suzanne Richardson | 11/27/2008

“You can learn something from everyone, every day. Even when I’m speaking at a conference, I always listen to the other speakers’ presentations. Because you never know what useful idea or process you’re going to pick up.”


Do You Really Want to Make Money?

By Mark Morgan Ford | 11/25/2008

It may seem like the purpose of every marketing campaign is to make a profit. However, many marketers and business owners actually lose money on acquiring new customers.

There are three basic scenarios when launching a marketing campaign. You need to determine which scenario fits your business best.


Your One-Stop Shop

By Jason Holland | 11/25/2008

A new business recently opened a few blocks from the Early to Rise offices. But it seems to have an identity crisis.

The small shop has perplexed potential customers by offering not just vintage designer threads, but also vegan organic food. And they proudly proclaim this dual identity on their front window sign.


How to Keep Your Promises

By Bob Cox | 11/24/2008

You put together a team of people to help you with preparations. And you interview a dozen more before choosing “Jeff” to handle all the event details. He makes a very compelling pitch. He knows the best audio-visual teams in town. He has contacts with the best caterers. And he knows the perfect designer to create your banners and signs and brochures.