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How Elastic Are Your Trade Indicators?

By Rick Pendergraft | 01/16/2009

Thank goodness it is 2009! The fourth quarter of 2008 was crazy for the market. The wild swings and incredible volatility were maddening. Most investors don’t want to be reminded of how bad it was, but it was apparent in their monthly statements. The good news is that it is over.


My Favorite Holiday Tradition: Making Myriads of Kids Smile

By Rick Pendergraft | 12/26/2008

To me, the holidays are all about the kids. At some point, we all reach the age when our parents have to get us up to open presents rather than the other way around. And once you reach this age, the holidays are a lot more fun when there are little kids around.


Good News: Because Fear Is High, a Bottom Is Near

By Rick Pendergraft | 12/4/2008

The old saying that the market likes to climb a wall of worry is going to come into play over the coming months. If the amount of fear in the market is any indication, that wall has reached new heights and the climb could be long and steady.


Who Benefits From the Increased Volatility?

By Rick Pendergraft | 12/3/2008

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend of mine who works within the financial industry, on the advertising side of the business. And something Tom said hit home with me: With companies cutting back on advertising, parts of his business are down – but online brokers are going strong.


Keep Yourself in Trades by Widening Your Stance

By Rick Pendergraft | 11/22/2008

In golf, when you are putting in the wind, you have to widen your stance.

In volatile markets, this rule can be adapted to apply to trading as well. It may seem like strange advice, but in times of extreme volatility, you need to widen your stop-loss points. Most people think you have to do the opposite and tighten them.


The Other Big Three

By Rick Pendergraft | 11/21/2008

When you hear investment people talk about the big three, they are usually talking about GM, Ford, and Chrysler. But what about the other big three?

As children, most of us dreamed of having three things when we grew up: a nice house, a nice car, and a nice job. Right now, the outlook for this big three is about as optimistic as the outlook for GM, Ford, and Chrysler.


The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing in the Wind

By Rick Pendergraft | 11/17/2008

Senator Obama pledged to spend $150 billion on alternative energy during his campaign, and wind energy is an area of interest. With the current financial crisis, he might not be able to devote that much to alternative energy right away – but over the next four years, you can bet government money will be directed at wind and solar energy companies.


The Investment Pecking Order

By Rick Pendergraft | 09/4/2008

The economy is in a slow period, and bankruptcies are making headlines. So, lately, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the pecking order investors assume when a publicly traded company goes into bankruptcy.


Flipping the Switch

By Rick Pendergraft | 09/3/2008

As Tony Robbins says, you don’t have to know how electricity works. All you need to know is how to flip the switch to get the light to come on…


Commodities Falling, but Prices Are Not

By Rick Pendergraft | 08/28/2008

Commodity prices (especially oil, gold, and silver) have been falling sharply since July 15. Unfortunately, prices at the producer level and the consumer level are still rising.


Government Intervention Has a Ripple Effect

By Rick Pendergraft | 08/23/2008

Over the last month, the intertwined relationships of the markets have been wacky, to say the least. On July 15, the SEC announced its protection plan for Fannie Mae (FNM), Freddie Mac (FRE), and 17 banks and brokerage firms. This move totally disrupted the natural ebb and flow of the market.


Google: Internet Darling No More

By Rick Pendergraft | 08/5/2008

As recently as last November, Google was priced at over $700 per share. But the one-time Internet darling seems to have lost some of its allure.