Here’s Your Ticket Out of the Recession

If the recession has you paralyzed in your tracks and scared shoeless for your financial future, here’s a radical idea.

Start your own online business. Yes, and do it right now.

Naturally, you may think this is the worst possible time for taking a step outside your comfort zone. But that logic simply doesn’t fly, according to MIT researchers.

They noted that William Hewlett and David Packard founded Hewlett-Packard in 1939, when the Great Depression had been underway for a full decade. And in September 1945, Masaru Ibuka started Sony – after his country had been devastated by war and was occupied by a foreign power.

And how about starting a company while interest rates are skyrocketing, with the stock market having dropped 45 percent the previous year and the country suffering the aftermath of both a presidential scandal and a war it had just lost? Well, despite all that, in 1975 Paul Allen and Bill Gates started Microsoft, says the MIT team.

Still not convinced?

The January 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business reports that no fewer than 18 of the 30 companies currently comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average were launched amidst economic downturns!

The verdict is clear.

Don’t let a temporarily slow economy stop you from getting started right now on a lifetime of future wealth.

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