The Undiscovered Country

On the way to a conference last week, I caught a connecting flight in Charlotte.

As I approached my gate, I looked up and noticed a sign: Terminal Destinations. It was an airport health spa, but it reminded me of the debate I was on my way to hear between Dinesh D’Souza, a Christian apologist and author of Life After Death, and Michael Shermer, a historian of science, founder of Skeptic magazine, and author of Why People Believe Weird Things.

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What Jim Brown Knows

Jim Brown is arguably the best all-around athlete ever.

He was a track star, one of the nation’s finest lacrosse players, averaged 38 points per game on his high school basketball team, and broke NFL records as a running back for the Cleveland Browns. In 2002, The Sporting News named him the greatest football player of all time.

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Are You Losing Your Soul?

I recently bumped into an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in years. “Are you still managing money?” he asked.

“No, I write investment advice now,” I said.

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Are You Amusing Yourself to Death?

CNBC — and its competitors — will only make you dumber and poorer.

This comes as a surprise to many. After all, financial channels offer a steady stream of well-credentialed experts, men and women with impressive titles from prestigious firms. Most have PhDs, years of experience, or manage large sums of money. They look good. They sound sharp. They have insightful opinions and reams of arcane investment data tripping off their tongues.

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