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A Guilty Glance Inside Your Prospect’s Bedroom

By Clayton Makepeace | 03/17/2009

Right now, our prospective customers are experiencing some of the most intense and contradictory emotions they’ve had in their entire lives. The saner ones blame their financial problems on decisions made by the White House, Congress, the Treasury, and the Fed for the last couple of decades. Others – those with a more tenuous grip on reality – blame “those greedy bankers” for having the unmitigated gall to actually approve every loan and credit card application they ever submitted.


Did Malcolm Gladwell Rip Me Off?

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/16/2009

I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell. His books, especially The Tipping Point, have validated many of my long-held business philosophies. But when his new book, Outliers, came out a few months ago, I started getting e-mails from friends and colleagues with disturbing news.


The Afformations Method

By Noah St. John | 03/14/2009

Traditional success teachers are big advocates of “affirmations” – repeating statements that you’d like to be true. For example, a classic “affirmation” is: “I am rich.”


Leveraging Your Existing Customers

By Derek Gehl | 03/12/2009

When you stay in touch with your regular customers – and regularly e-mail them valuable information – they’ll quickly come to view you as a credible resource, an expert in your field, and, most important, someone who’s watching out for their best interests.


Leveraging Your Potential With Contacts

By Brian Tracy | 03/10/2009

Knowing the right people and being known by them can open doors for you that can save you years of hard work. The quality and quantity of your contacts and your relationships will have more to do with your success than perhaps any other factor.


A New Way to Get Your ETR Fix

By Suzanne Richardson | 03/10/2009

ETR TV will bring you expert advice on breakthrough marketing techniques from MaryEllen Tribby… proven business-building strategies from Michael Masterson… techniques for writing strong sales copy from Charlie Byrne… steps for increasing your website traffic from Edwin Huertas… and more.


Free Content at Your Fingertips

By Jason Holland | 03/9/2009

Looking for material that you can use for your e-books and other information products? There are countless resources for finding content that’s in the public domain. By that, I mean content that was never copyrighted… or that was copyrighted but the copyright expired. You can repackage and republish that stuff to your heart’s content, without the author’s permission. And you don’t have to pay him or her a cent.


To join your affiliate program, must one have a website?

By George Dahir | 03/9/2009

I’m glad to hear about your interest in our new affiliate program. One of the best possible ways for you to begin making good money immediately – to create a second stream of income and, at the same time, develop skills (direct-marketing skills, copywriting skills, selling skills) that will help you get wealthy in the long term, is to join an affiliate marketing program like the one we offer. After all, we give you all the tools you need to succeed. You just have to put them into action and cash the checks!


Side-of-the Road Marketing

By Jason Holland | 03/6/2009

Garage Sale” signs at busy intersections get noticed by folks who are out for a Sunday drive. Billboards on the highway do a good job of drawing traffic to restaurants and attractions. And at election time, roadside signs are fairly effective at drumming up support for candidates and issues.


How to Surprise and Delight Your Customers

By Suzanne Richardson | 03/6/2009

Roy Flora, Group President of Microtel Inns & Suites, over-delivers by randomly giving away free stays at his hotels. Better yet, he encourages staff members to do the same. It’s one reason that Microtel has ranked at the top of the J.D. Power & Associates North America hotel guest satisfaction survey seven years in a row.


I am looking for one good company that will get my site viewed

By Early To Rise | 03/4/2009

Hello, my ETR friends. I am just about to launch a new business marketing long distance calling cards. Our service will provide unlimited international long distance calling, can be purchased online, and works with cellphones (without using your cell minutes).


Establishing Trust

By Paul Lawrence | 03/3/2009

“Elise” consults for nonprofit groups, and she’s great at her job. Most of her business has come from word of mouth. But Elise knew that if she could channelize her efforts, she could reach thousands – if not millions – of potential clients. So she began marketing her services with a website, e-mails, and postcards.