How to Get Your Business in the News

Coverage by the media can give a great boost to your business. But reporters and editors are a picky lot. Here are six ways to convince them your “story” is worthy of a mention.

• Make sure all your contact information is included in e-mails, press releases, and other communications with the media. If a reporter has to spend more than a minute figuring out how to reach you… she’ll move on to the next candidate.

• Have your elevator pitch down pat. You should be able to tell an editor, in a minute or less, why your business should be in their publication.

• Figure out how to tie “hot” news of the day into something you are doing with your business. Pitch your story with that angle.

• Check thoroughly for typos, grammar, and factual errors on all communications. Nothing irks editors more than sloppy writing.

• Make sure you contact the right media niche. If your business is in pet supplies, don’t send press releases to an automotive trade journal.

• Make it easy for a reporter to write a story about you by including plenty of quotes, facts, and examples in your press release. And put the most important information near the top.

(Source: Inc.)

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