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Are You Socially Awkward?

By Alexis Siemon | 04/14/2009

You’ve no doubt heard about how social media is taking over the world – or at least the Internet marketing world. And depending on your perspective, this takeover may seem hostile, especially if you’re new to online marketing and have just started to build your own Internet business.


Michael Masterson in Movie Land

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/13/2009

After a movie has been half-shot, you can’t fire your principal actors. You must keep them because you can’t afford to re-shoot all the scenes they have been in.


A Picture Can Be Worth Thousands

By Paul Lawrence | 04/13/2009

Back when my wife Blanca began her first business – a housecleaning service – she was skeptical about including a photo of herself in her ads. So I told her I’d prove it would make her money.


What the Heck Are These Delusional Madison Avenue Types Thinking?

By Charlie Byrne | 04/11/2009

Sometimes I get good ideas from looking in other business niches and seeing how they might apply to direct marketing and internet marketing.


A Free Way to Build Your E-Mail List

By Suzanne Richardson | 04/11/2009

As an Internet marketer, your most important possession is your e-mail list – people who have given you permission to contact them.


The Power of Pausing

By Brian Tracy | 04/6/2009

Top salespeople ask good questions and listen carefully to the answers. One of the most important listening skills they develop is to simply pause before replying. When the prospect finishes talking, rather than jumping in with the first thing they can think of, they take three to five seconds to…


Is It Time to Buy Real Estate Yet?

By Ted Peroulakis | 04/6/2009

Real estate prices are down substantially, and many foreclosures and short sale opportunities are out there for the picking. We are certainly in a buyer’s market. But is this the time to buy? Or will prices head even lower?


7 Steps to Becoming the Best in Your Field

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/2/2009

To make this year the year you successfully start a profitable business (or make the business you have already started more profitable than ever), resolve to be the smartest person you know about the business you are in.

It’s a bold objective, but it is possible. Here’s how to do it:


Valkyrie, Socrates, and You

By Robert Ringer | 04/1/2009

If you haven’t yet seen Valkyrie, the Tom Cruise film about the best-known of the 15 or so plots to kill Adolf Hitler, I highly recommend that you purchase or rent the DVD.


AIDA: A 100-Year-Old Formula That You Can Use to Make More Money

By Alex Mandossian | 03/31/2009

If you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, public speaker, author, or information marketer, you owe it to yourself, your business, and your lifestyle to take a closer look at the revenue-generating potential of teleseminars – even if you’ve never listened to one.


Emotional Detachment and the Zen of Golf

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/30/2009

About a month ago, I played golf for the first time with Number Three Son (N3S). I was looking forward to a pleasant afternoon. I imagined fresh air, healthy sunshine, and that father-son banter that women who don’t understand men categorize as superficial.


Does Investing Your Time Guarantee Success?

By Bob Cox | 03/28/2009

Last week, my wife Karin and I received an e-mail inquiry about one of the goal-setting programs we offer through Early to Rise. The gentlemen indicated that he was at a point where he was looking for a real change, not a temporary fix. He was interested in the program, yet skeptical. He wanted more than a money-back guarantee. He said that he would follow the material to the letter, but was hesitant to invest his time unless we could guarantee that his time wouldn’t be wasted – that the program would work specifically for him.