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Make Margin Trends Your Friends

By Andrew Gordon | 04/24/2009

When investigating companies to invest in, I look at several margins – gross, operating, pre-tax, and net profit margin. But I focus on operating margin. Operating margin is the difference between how much you make and how much you spend to operate the business. If the “making” is at least 15 percent higher than the “spending,” I’m interested.


Boring Is Better

By Edwin Huertas | 04/22/2009

Some of the more “exciting” features of our e-mails were preventing them from reaching our subscribers. (Maybe even you!) So we’ve made a few changes to ETR – to make sure you get it in your inbox every morning. And by making your own e-mails more “boring,” you could see more subscribers receiving and opening them. Which, in the end, should result in more sales.


Working Toward What You Believe In

By Brian Tracy | 04/20/2009

When you are working progressively, step-by-step, toward something that is important to you, you generate within yourself a continuous feeling of success and achievement.


Your 4 Toughest Competitors in Internet Information Marketing

By Bob Bly | 04/20/2009

There’s a lot of money being made in marketing information products online today. But there’s also a lot of competition – as I’m sure you’ve noticed.


5 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Getting Rich With Real Estate

By Julie Broad | 04/17/2009

Thanks to low interest rates and increasing rental rates, my husband and I are enjoying more cash flow from our rental properties than ever before. Sure, our properties aren’t worth quite as much as they were last year. But they are still making us money. And because we purchased in desirable areas, we know they will increase in value over time.


Protect Your Most Precious Business Asset

By Jason Holland | 04/17/2009

In business, your name is – at the most basic level – all you’ve got. So whenever you sell anything, you must make sure it is of the highest quality, it is backed up by top-notch customer service, and that you don’t just deliver on all the promises you make in your advertising… you over-deliver. When you do make a mistake (it happens), you must do everything you can, as quickly as you can, to make it right.


Google’s Duplicate Content Penalty

By Howie Jacobson | 04/17/2009

Google doesn’t like twins much. That is to say, Google penalizes Web pages that it deems to be near-exact copies of existing Web pages. It won’t let them appear in search results.


A Powerful Negotiation Tactic That Can Open New Doors

By Paul Lawrence | 04/16/2009

Just the other day, I had a conversation with a television producer regarding a reality TV project of mine that his group is considering developing. “Rob” told me that they are moving into scripted programming in addition to reality TV. And he mentioned that they have a couple of projects they are excited about, but need rewrites.


Speedwriting 101

By Clayton Makepeace | 04/16/2009

Back in The Day, copywriting was a leisurely business – almost a pastoral pursuit. The client’s marketing folks got you on the phone, described the product, told you what they’d tried before and how it’d worked… what they’d been learning and thinking lately… and you brainstormed the themes you might use for a new promo.


Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree With Your Marketing Efforts?

By Suzanne Richardson | 04/16/2009

They’ve been calling me at least once a week for the past three months. Every time they do (at least, on the occasions when I pick up), I say the same thing: “Please don’t call me during work hours. I’ll be happy to consider this offer, but I’d rather see it in writing. Can you e-mail me the details?”


Build Your E-Mail List With the Relevancy Principle

By Suzanne Richardson | 04/15/2009

“Dear ETR, I was wondering if you accept articles for your newsletter?” I get e-mails like this on a weekly basis. And I applaud the senders for their initiative. Since ETR has over 450,000 subscribers, it is a good marketing strategy to get your name and ideas – and a link to your website – into our newsletter.


What to Do With Your Great Ideas

By John Forde | 04/14/2009

You’ll feel great – even inspired – when all your brainstorming and research yields a Big Idea, whether it’s for a new product, a marketing campaign, or a headline for a sales promotion. But you’re not done.