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Don’t Dream of the Future – Make It

By Jason Holland | 03/28/2009

Biding your time until your “dream” job falls in your lap is a recipe for disappointment. But by using Michael Masterson’s principle of chicken entrepreneurship, you can create your own dream job and secure your financial future at the same time.


Overcoming Customer’s Price Objections

By Paul Lawrence | 03/26/2009

Let’s say you’re a roofing salesman and you get a call from a homeowner who’s concerned about a leak in her ceiling. You do an inspection and realize that what she needs is a $500 repair. But $500 is a lot of money. So, to convince her to do it, you might use a persuasion technique called “perceptual contrasts.” You’ve probably read about it in ETR.


A Marketing Self-Assessment Tool

By Howie Jacobson | 03/24/2009

One nice thing about a business website is how easy it is to change.
So when I change – when I grow as a person, lose some fears, embrace new beliefs, etc. – I want to make sure that the website where I sell my services represents my current reality. Not just the details, but the heart of my business. I don’t want to broadcast an outdated message and attract clients who won’t be in sync with me.


The Reason You Screwed Up

By John Carlton | 03/24/2009

Several generations of Americans have now graduated from the education system believing that a good excuse is a Get Out of Jail Free card. Flunked a test? Forgot to finish your essay on time? Late for class? No problem… IF you have a great excuse.


Real Estate Investing Partnerships: Breaking Up Is Never Easy

By Julie Broad | 03/24/2009

The main reason my husband and I were able to build a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio in less than eight years is because we found a few trustworthy partners…


The Language Perfectionist: Words’ Worth

By Don Hauptman | 03/21/2009

Are you a writer? A speaker? Whatever you do professionally, you need to communicate effectively. That means your success is determined in part by how well you use language. A new book by Roy Blount Jr. can help you improve your knowledge and mastery of English. And as lagniappe, it’s fun to read.


Who can effectively put my product on the market?

By Early To Rise | 03/21/2009

“I just read Marc Charles’s article about getting 100,000 people hawking your products. I have a special situation, and would like your guidance.

“I have almost finished producing the first of four hour-long instructional DVDs. I have found that there’s an average of 3,000 hits daily from folks wanting this informational product, but there is nothing out there to fill the demand.


What Keeps Your Customer Up at Night?

By John Forde | 03/19/2009

Fear – the deeply felt kind – is personal and immediate. The fear of disabling disease. The fear of public speaking. The fear of not surviving this current market crunch… or making a terrible investment.


How to Get Your Business in the News

By Early To Rise | 03/18/2009

Coverage by the media can give a great boost to your business. But reporters and editors are a picky lot. Here are six ways to convince them your “story” is worthy of a mention.


The Importance of Being Urgent

By Rich Schefren | 03/18/2009

Successful entrepreneurs look at practically every moment of every day as a challenge -and they attack it accordingly. This need for achievement motivates them to turn their ideas into action.
On the other end of the spectrum are “passive” entrepreneurs. They live every day pursuing their dreams safely, never taking risks or pushing the envelope, and hoping something good will happen.


Foreclosure Investing: How to Wholesale

By Jeff Adams | 03/18/2009

As a real estate investor, you can stand to make serious amounts of money. But these days, with 5.4 million Americans behind on their mortgage payments and pending home sales dropping, you might think real estate is a bad bet.


How to Make Your Ideas More Valuable

By Paul Lawrence | 03/17/2009

“Adam” seems like a nice guy. He subscribes to Early to Rise, and, in a recent e-mail, said he is especially interested in my articles about how to get into the movie business. He said that he doesn’t have time to try to get into the movie business himself, but he has tons of ideas. So he would like to offer his ideas to me – and, if I wanted to do something with them, he would get a percentage of whatever money they brought in.