Don’t Dream of the Future – Make It

Biding your time until your “dream” job falls in your lap is a recipe for disappointment. But by using Michael Masterson’s principle of chicken entrepreneurship, you can create your own dream job and secure your financial future at the same time.

Simply start a side business based on something you’re passionate about.

Have you kept tropical fish most of your life? If so, you’re an expert in fish care and aquariums. And it’s possible that people will pay for your advice. Have you always had a “flair” for cooking? Gardening? You could create and sell an e-book, start an e-mail newsletter, create an instructional video, etc. Useful, expert information can be sold in almost any form imaginable.

Granted, not every passion can be turned into a saleable information product. You have to test the waters before you go too far.

Start by checking to see if you have any competitors. Do a Google search. Check Amazon and eBay. If nobody else is selling a similar product to your intended market, that’s not a good thing. It probably means there are no customers for it.

If your initial research looks promising, test your idea online. The easiest way is to set up a Google AdWords campaign. If a lot of people click on your ads (which should link to a landing page that makes the actual sale), you know you’ve got something worth pursuing.

Don’t put in a lot of time or money creating a product. If you get a lot of orders, rushing to fulfill them will be a good problem to have.

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