A Marketing Self-Assessment Tool

One nice thing about a business website is how easy it is to change.

So when I change – when I grow as a person, lose some fears, embrace new beliefs, etc. – I want to make sure that the website where I sell my services represents my current reality. Not just the details, but the heart of my business. I don’t want to broadcast an outdated message and attract clients who won’t be in sync with me.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you change and want your site to reflect that change:

• Is the information on my site still technically accurate?

• Is it missing anything?

• By making this change, am I focusing more on my own needs instead of the needs of my prospects and clients?

• Am I speaking with confidence? Do I deeply believe my own claims?

• Am I teaching a technique that, when applied, supports or raises the standards of my client’s industry?

• Does this Web page sound like me today? If I were writing it now, for the first time, what would be different?

This process has nothing to do with split-testing or a scientific march to higher conversions rates. It’s not a technical fix for a poorly performing site. Instead, it’s an acknowledgment of your personal discovery that your business is a projection of your self.

I’m sure I’m missing some pretty important questions. But I trust that the ones I’ve listed above will move you and your website in the right direction.

[Ed. Note: Howie Jacobson is an expert Internet marketing consultant specializing in Google AdWords and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. In fact, he literally wrote the book on the subject: AdWords for Dummies.]

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