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7,000 Points to Go, and That’s the Good News

By Steve McDonald | 05/4/2009

For months, my colleagues and I at ETR’s sister newsletter, Investor’s Daily Edge, have been pounding the table about how this market is a stock picker’s dream. We have said things like, “Millionaires are made at this point in the market cycle,” “Stocks are really cheap,” and “Build a bulletproof portfolio now.” But most people can only hear the doom and gloom news, and it always ends up costing them money.


How to Build a Recession-Proof Stream of Income

By George Dahir | 05/4/2009

Even in tough times, opportunities present themselves… if you look in the right places. One of the best ways to build a recession-proof income? Become an affiliate marketer.


Twit World

By John Carlton | 05/2/2009

The topic of social media came up recently in my coaching program (the Radio Rant). People are understandably baffled by the cornucopia of ways available to gossip and reach out to touch other people.


Online Marketing in 3 Steps

By Howie Jacobson | 04/29/2009

Find a problem. Solve it. And charge people for the solution. If you’re wondering why your online business isn’t doing better, put it through this three-part marketing audit. • Have you found a problem? A problem that matters to people? To enough people?


Employee Training Program — When and How It Makes Sense to Spend Money on Them

By Early To Rise | 04/28/2009

I believe in spending money on training employees — when it makes sense. But many of the seminars and programs I’ve seen are worthless. They don’t work because: They are often taught by professional speakers, not by experienced managers. They emphasize politically correct and currently hot ideas rather than strategies…


Marketing Wisdom in a 1970s Hit Song

By Rich Schefren | 04/28/2009

“Just like me… they long to be… close to you…”
Okay, okay. You probably think ol’ Rich has fallen off his rocker this time, but hear me out… Because there’s a whole lot of wisdom in that one line from the Carpenters’ 1970 smash hit. And it has absolutely nothing to do with birds suddenly appearing every time you are near….


The Danger of Pursuing Passive Income

By Julie Broad | 04/28/2009

Real estate investing has given my husband and me a great deal of freedom to do what we want with our lives. Whether we decide to putter around the yard, go mountain biking, or focus on our Internet business, we are making money from our properties. Many would say we’re earning passive income, but we no longer do.


Working for the Tip

By Suzanne Richardson | 04/28/2009

It must be the only hotel in New York City, nay, the world, that doesn’t have automatic doors.
But wait! It does have a doorman. Seems friendly enough when you pull up in a cab. Offers to take your bag.
But if you dare to reject his offer to carry your bag into the lobby… he lets you get the door yourself.


Information Overload: How to Escape the Crush

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/27/2009

Stanley Bergen has a problem. As a regular reader of ETR and a new member of the Oxford Club, he’s getting so much good stuff from us (he’s especially interested in learning how to “eliminate some debt” and retire one day) that he “can’t figure out what to read.”


How to Play the Market Right Now

By Steve McDonald | 04/27/2009

Since the market turned around and started doing its rocket imitation, most people I have spoken to are shaking their heads saying, “It isn’t real,” “It has no legs,” and “It’s 1933 all over again.” Since when are we supposed to be suspicious of a rally?


Don’t Work Too Hard

By Matt Furey | 04/25/2009

Before my wife Zhannie emigrated to the United States from China, she always ended her messages the same way: “Bu yao tai nu li gong zuo.”


What’s Your Best Offer?

By John Forde | 04/24/2009

“Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry,” Donald Trump once said. “I like making deals. Preferably big ones.” And, indeed, coming up with appealing deals and powerful offers can be an art form unto itself.