Have You Sharpened Your Axe Lately?

“I just can’t make the time management seminar tomorrow,” Amy announced to the editorial team during a recent meeting. “I’m so busy, it’s going to kill my productivity this week!”

Amy expected Charlie to excuse her from the seminar. Instead, Charlie asked, “Have you heard that old allegory about the two lumberjacks?”

“Lumberjack A never takes time to sharpen his axe because he’s so busy chopping down trees. But Lumberjack B sharpens his axe every week, no matter what. Guess who cuts down more trees? Lumberjack B with his super-sharp axe.”

If you’re like most folks, you are constantly busy. There are a hundred things on your low-priority to-do list that you just never get to. So why would you take time you don’t have to go to seminars on marketing… or workshops about growing your e-mail subscriber list… or industry conferences?

Charlie’s allegory says it all: Taking time to “sharpen your axe” can actually save you time.

A time management seminar can help you learn how to be more efficient and get more done. A marketing seminar can help you reach more customers, faster, and improve your sales. An industry networking event can put you in contact with potential partners or employees who could take some of your work off your shoulders.

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