Online Marketing in 3 Steps

Find a problem. Solve it. And charge people for the solution.

If you’re wondering why your online business isn’t doing better, put it through this three-part marketing audit.

• Have you found a problem? A problem that matters to people? To enough people?

• Are you selling the solution to that problem? The best solution? A solution that’s different enough from the other options? Can you prove it?

• Are people willing to pay for the problem to go away? Are they able to pay for it? Does your marketing make it clear that the benefit outweighs the cost?

If your site passes this three-part test, Google AdWords will drive qualified prospects to your Problem/Solution/Charge factory. And you’ll make money.

If you aren’t sure, AdWords will help you find out… quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. You can test your value proposition with your target market. And test variations until you either hit the magic formula… or drop it and find something else.

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