A Picture Can Be Worth Thousands

Back when my wife Blanca began her first business – a housecleaning service – she was skeptical about including a photo of herself in her ads. So I told her I’d prove it would make her money.

I took a photo of her holding a broom. Then I created two advertisements. One had the picture and the other didn’t. Both versions worked, but the one with the picture outperformed the other by far. It had a 3 percent response rate compared to 1.5 percent for the one without the picture.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you’re selling a $100 product and you make 50 sales with your regular ad every time you run it. If you add your picture to the ad, you could end up doubling your sales – and putting an extra $5,000 in your pocket!

For small businesses, including a photo of the owner (or someone else connected to the company) almost always increases response. If you’re not doing it, I strongly suggest you run a test. It could greatly increase your profits.

[Ed. Note: Paul Lawrence is a successful entrepreneur and business author who has started over a dozen profitable enterprises for under $100. For more information on his Cheapskate Marketing Program, click right here.]

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