Leveraging Your Existing Customers

The best way to keep your sales and profits up in a slow economy is to build solid relationships with your existing customers.

Take your e-mail marketing, for instance.

When you stay in touch with your regular customers – and regularly e-mail them valuable information – they’ll quickly come to view you as a credible resource, an expert in your field, and, most important, someone who’s watching out for their best interests.

And they’ll reward you with their loyalty (and continued purchases).

Having a smooth-running and reliable e-mail marketing program is one of the surest ways to keep your business humming, without having to invest a lot of money!

Fortunately,it’s easy to enjoy a high rate of deliverability with your e-mail, if you understand a few basic rules that ensure your messages don’t get tagged as spam:


Rule #1: Keep accurate records of each person who subscribes.

Rule #2: Track requests to opt out, and remove those people pronto!

Rule #3: Post your privacy policy on your website.

Rule #4: Make sure you’re using reputable service providers.

Rule #5: Provide easy instructions on how to unsubscribe.

Rule #6: Provide your valid physicaladdress.

Rule #7: Use a consistent “from” address.

Rule #8: Use an authentic, non-misleading subject line.

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