The Importance of Being Urgent

There’s one thing that all successful Internet marketers and business owners I’ve come in contact with have in common.

A sense of urgency.

Successful entrepreneurs look at practically every moment of every day as a challenge -and they attack it accordingly. This need for achievement motivates them to turn their ideas into action.

On the other end of the spectrum are “passive” entrepreneurs. They live every day pursuing their dreams safely, never taking risks or pushing the envelope, and hoping something good will happen.

I’m not just talking out of my keister here. I’m a living, breathing example of a former passive personality.

It wasn’t until a mentor shook me from the doldrums and forced me to take that first step into the unknown that I started to see some serious results.

Why? Because successful people act from a sense of urgency.

So today, I want you to do exactly what I did. Ditch the passive nature and begin looking at your dreams with a SENSE OF URGENCY.

Tell yourself, “Today, I’m going to make a change and act from a sense of urgency. And these are the first two actions I’m going to take…

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