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What Matters Most in Business

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/7/2015

I was taking my morning walk today, listening to TED Talks, as I often do, and the second talk that came up on my feed was a speech by someone named Bill Gross. The topic of the conversation was, “What factors matter most for startup success?” Before listening to this…


Lagging Behind Your Competition? Why You Shouldn’t Care

By Early to Rise | 10/5/2015

One of the classic idioms of our time, and something I’ve used many times with my kids, is “don’t cry over spilt milk.” It’s a simple saying, carrying a wealth of wisdom: Forget what has already happened, put things in perspective, and move on. It is important to remember this…


12 Super-Successful CEOs That Wake Up REALLY Early

By Early to Rise | 09/29/2015

  “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Benjamin Franklin’s advice may be over 200 years old, but it’s just as true now as it was then. Here are 12 people who have followed that mantra and become extremely successful as a result. Richard…


The Rich Employee

By James Altucher | 09/16/2015

One of my best friends from 8th grade invested $25,000 in Uber’s first round. That $25,000 is now worth $50,000,000. I can say, “I wish that were me!” but I don’t deserve it. He spent his 20s building his network in Silicon Valley so he would have this opportunity today.…


How to Find the Big Money Idea

By Mary Ellen Tribby | 09/15/2015

Everyone has plenty of ‘ideas’. In fact, you may have a great idea right now that you’ve been itching to get started on. But, wait! The real problem isn’t coming up with a great idea. It is recognizing when you have a good one. My friend, Joe Polish, calls these…


Top 5 Real Estate Investment Mistakes

By Dean Graziosi | 09/8/2015

I’ve been a real estate investor my entire adult life. I love it. I’ve made lots of money investing in real estate using every strategy you can think of. Did every deal work out? No, and some didn’t do well at all. Sometimes you can’t do anything about it, and…


How to Get People to Do Things for You

By Kevin Hogan | 09/1/2015

What do you open first when you get the mail? The handwritten envelope or the computer generated envelope? Of course you open the handwritten envelope first. After all, how many handwritten envelopes do you see each week? Not too many. Because you receive fewer handwritten envelopes than you do computer generated, whether you know it or…


9 Hot Startup Cities That Aren’t San Francisco or New York

By Early To Rise | 08/28/2015

msn money 9 HOT STARTUP CITIES THAT AREN’T SAN FRANCISCO OR NEW YORK Ask someone to name cities with thriving tech, media, fashion or food scenes, and you’ll hear the usual suspects: San Francisco; New York; Portland, Ore. But there’s a slew of other metro areas with established infrastructure and…


Paying To Play – The Payoff of Live Events

By Dani Woodrum | 08/27/2015

There I was, sitting in the back corner of this big conference room trying to hide from everyone. “What the heck did I get myself into”, I murmured out loud. “I don’t belong here. Maybe I should leave and ask for my money back. Nobody will even know I am…


Four Things You Must Know About Selling

By Tony Neumeyer | 08/26/2015

Who doesn’t want to make money doing what they love? There’s nothing wrong with that. But, is starting your own business that simple? It can be if you have the drive, dedication, and passion…AND…you know how to sell. I don’t mean the car salesmen type who is in your face the second…


10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Rental Home

By Dean Graziosi | 08/25/2015

Ready to jump into real estate investment and buy your first rental home?  The gyrations of the stock market in August 2015 certainly is bringing other forms of investing to the top of people’s minds.  Investing isn’t an “all-in” thing, or it shouldn’t be.  Diversification is the advice most stock…


Infographic – 7 Facts About Bill Gates

By Early To Rise | 08/20/2015