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The Mistake That Almost Killed Some of the World’s Biggest Brands

By Drayton Bird | 04/21/2011

Firms that spend more money on discounting than advertising are far less profitable than those that spend more on advertising than discounting.


Kissing Frogs Equals More Profits

By Mary Ellen Tribby | 04/8/2011

Of all the important elements you need to run a business, what do you think is the most important? Good marketing is critical… Top-notch sales copy is key… High-quality products and/or services – definitely important… Good ideas – essential. But you can get all of these things – and more…


Copycatting Is a Good Thing

By Brian Edmondson | 04/4/2011

“So far, my website is pretty much identical to the Early to Rise site,” PG told me. PG is one of my coaching students. I had just asked him to tell me about the progress he was making with his online business. He had a sign-up box on the top…


The Road to Millions Is Paved With Hard Work

By Harvey Mackay | 03/29/2011

The game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a suspenseful half-hour that offers contestants the opportunity to dramatically improve their financial picture.


A Business That Supports Your Life

By PJ McClure | 03/23/2011

Would you take your family, jump into the middle of the ocean, and then try to build a boat around everyone? Of course not. But that is the logic many people use when building a business. When I began seeking out and interviewing people I considered to be successful, I…


How to Achieve Growth and Profitability

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/12/2011

Bonn, Germany. Dead of winter, 1996. The meeting began at 8:00 a.m.


The Economics of Customer Service

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/5/2011

I once “fired” a client – let’s call him Jerry – who had paid me more than a million dollars and wanted to keep on paying me more than 20 grand a month. In every aspect but one our relationship was terrific.


Time to Turn Lemons Into Lemonade!

By Clayton Makepeace | 02/24/2011

So let me tell you a true story… The year was 1976, and life was NOT good in America. And it wasn’t just because disco was king and we suddenly found ourselves sporting silly-looking leisure suits. America’s name was being dragged through the dirt worldwide. In the preceding 24 months,…


A Different Approach to the Import-Export Game

By Jason Holland | 02/21/2011

In my recent essays in ETR on starting your own import-export business, I’ve focused on the business-to-consumer track. You find suppliers and manufacturers, buy their products for pennies on the dollar, and resell them online to customers in the U.S. (or Europe, South America… wherever you live) at a huge…


Winner Take All? The Yin and Yang of Negotiating

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/19/2011

Sid had done it. He had convinced the IRS agent to forgive the mistake my partner Joel and I had made. He had spent three weeks with the guy, working mornings, golfing with him in the afternoon, and taking him out to dinner.


Getting Started As a “Connector”

By Jason Holland | 02/18/2011

Yesterday, I introduced you to Matthew Adams – and I told you about the very profitable form of networking he has mastered. I don’t mean handing out business cards at Chamber of Commerce mixers. I’m talking about actively building a group of contacts who can help you with your wealth-building…


The Business of Bringing People Together

By Jason Holland | 02/17/2011

Michael Masterson was shocked. He was at a meeting with some heavy hitters in South America – government officials and developers who were discussing a massive housing project. When one official, Mr. X, said the project would be in the $1 billion to $10 billion range – even Michael wasn’t…