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5 Pillars of Information Marketing

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/27/2011

Ask any entrepreneur about when they had their biggest breakthrough, and the answer will almost always be, “When I finally found the right mentor.” It certainly was for me. For six years I stumbled along with my website business, grinding out small increases in sales each year. It wasn’t until…


If She Can Do It…

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/26/2011

When I first met my friend Carrie Wilkerson at a seminar in 2008, she was one of those people that everyone else was talking about – in a good way. I lost track of how many times I heard, “You need to meet/speak with Carrie,” over that weekend. And when…


Is It Really Possible for Anyone to Be Successful?

By PJ McClure | 06/24/2011

While I stood at the bottom of the mountain, looking at all the people at the top, I wondered if I had what it took for them to get there. Every time I pushed myself to climb and then slipped or fell, it became that much harder to believe I…


How to Sell to People Who Don’t Want to Be Sold

By Daniel Levis | 05/31/2011

There comes a time in virtually every market when the buying public becomes quite sophisticated. These consumers have tried all kinds of things and none of them have performed as claimed. New information and new choices are never more than a mouse click away for them. And as a result,…


The Worst Mistake I Ever Made

By Bob Bly | 05/30/2011

I hope what happened to my Internet marketing business recently never happens to yours… One morning, I clicked onto one of my five dozen or so product-specific micro-sites… only to find it gone! I quickly clicked on my other micro-sites. All gone. Next, a panicked call to my Web hosting…


A Guaranteed Way to Grow Your Online Business

By Brian Edmondson | 05/26/2011

“How do I get more traffic to my website?” That’s one of the most common questions I get from aspiring Internet entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned online professionals. And with good reason. Because getting more traffic to your website increases the number of prospective customers you can sell your products…


How to Make Sure Your E-Mails Get Opened

By Glenn Fisher | 05/25/2011

Elvis stands at the front of the stage… He flicks his hair back, jiggles his hips, and asks the audience (mostly made up of screaming girls)… “Who wants to come up here with me for a slow dance, u-huh?” The crowd goes wild, everyone screaming for Elvis to “Pick me,…


Beware of the Natural Entropy in Customer Service

By Mark Morgan Ford | 05/21/2011

One of the first things I did upon taking on AP as a client was call his customer service line, pretending to be a customer. The phone rang eight times before it was picked up.


“Duct Tape” and the Ultimate Key to Success

By Rich Schefren | 05/9/2011

American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg was famous for turning the simple into the mind-numbingly complex. He invented hysterically absurd systems for doing the simplest tasks.


Do You Own Your Business – or Does It Own You?

By Mark Morgan Ford | 05/7/2011

Hal looked tired when he arrived at the restaurant. “You look beat,” I told him. “I am,” he said. “I’ve been working nonstop, running from my home in Canada to my office in Honduras and then visiting all my projects in Central America. I’m too old for this.” “How long…


True Value: Understanding What Matters in Business and in Life

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/30/2011

We were walking down a small cobblestone street in Aix en Provence. It was a perfect June day – sunny and still warm in the late afternoon. The old, unpainted buildings had an amber glow.


Profit Like It’s 1933!

By Jason Holland | 04/28/2011

On May 27, 1933 – in the heart of the Great Depression – a crowd of more than 30,000 people stood in line to get into the “Century of Progress” World’s Fair, held in Chicago, IL. Over the next 24 months, 39,052,236 people would attend the fair. To put that…