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How to Create an Important Part of Your Business

By Joe Polish | 10/27/2011

Two of the most important elements in marketing are the OFFER and the LIST. Now, assuming you have a great LIST of people that have identified themselves as wanting something, or that are interested in a particular subject matter, then you need a way to give them what they want.…


A New American Dream

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/25/2011

Three times each year men and women from all over the world take part in a 12-week fat loss transformation program as part of my online fitness business. These everyday people take their dreaded before photos, renew their commitment to diet and exercise, and less than ninety days later they…


The Truth About the American Dream

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/19/2011

For generations, there has been an implicit contract in society that states: “If you work hard and follow the rules, then your life will be even better than your parent’s. That’s the American Dream.” But today, this contract is being broken by the greed and selfishness of individuals and organizations…


How to Get More Done

By Jason Leister | 10/18/2011

The following statement qualifies as one of the most obvious, common sense string of letters I’ve probably ever put together, but… Learning about your business, thinking about working on your business, planning on working on your business, organizing you working on your business… None of those things is actually working…


A Must-Have in Any Business

By Robert Ringer | 10/13/2011

Some years ago, I was having lunch with a business associate at a fine restaurant. The food was superb, but when you pay eighty bucks for lunch for two people, you also expect great service. When the waitress brought our appetizers, I asked her to please give me some cracked…


How to Give Your Customers the WOW Experience

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/11/2011

One of the things I’ve always been committed to is giving my clients the best service and experience that I possibly can. My thought is this: If I can let people have a “WOW Experience”, it will endear them to me. But beyond that, it will compel them to tell…


An Open Letter To Those Who Are Struggling

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/10/2011

Dear Friend, Thank you for your letters and emails. I appreciate you sending me your ideas, but also for sharing your frustrations with me. It takes a lot of courage to be that open and honest. But just as importantly, I appreciate your enthusiasm and ambition. You have the right…


Why You Must Not Wait

By Jason Leister | 10/5/2011

Waiting for something to happen in your business just plain sucks. Sometimes you’re waiting to hear back from a prospect or a vendor—sometimes you’re waiting on a payment from a client or a customer. At other times, you’re waiting on someone to do something that they said they were going…


The Customer vs Employee Challenge

By Robert Ringer | 10/4/2011

For many years, I felt a moral obligation to inform business owners whenever I thought they had a personnel or customer-service problem on their hands. I say moral obligation, because I have always been grateful to customers — or anyone, for that matter — who have taken the time to…


The Coffee Shop Entrepreneur Myth

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/23/2011

It’s time to kick back in a coffee shop here in Toronto, surrounded by beautiful people, listening to my favorite music, and getting a ton of work done. Just kidding. That’s now how it works in the real world. If I tried that, I wouldn’t get half of my regular…


Simplify Your Life, Streamline Your Business

By Noah St. John | 09/22/2011

We don’t live in the Information Age; we live in the Information Overload Age. There is simply too much information: too many interruptions, too many channels, too many emails for us to handle on a daily basis. Ironically, when we have too many choices in life, our stress level goes…


How to Catch Fish with Strawberry Shortcake

By Bob Serling | 09/21/2011

Can you catch fish with strawberry shortcake? Apparently not. Dale Carnegie was quoted as saying that while he loves to eat strawberry shortcake, when he goes fishing, he does not use it for bait. Instead of using the food that he’s obsessed with for bait, he chooses to bait his…