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How to Get the Money to Come To You

You’re about to discover one of the best ‘obvious secrets’ I’ve ever learned about ‘Getting Money’ and ‘Creating Value’. When my good friend Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, first shared it with me, it really hit me like a ton of bricks.

What Dan shared with me is this…

“All Money Earned Ethically Is A Byproduct Of Value Creation”

Now, there’s ‘real’ value in the world, and there’s ‘perceived’ value. And the important point about this is the following: To the consumer, whatever their perception of value is, that is their reality.

Let me repeat: To the consumer, whatever their perception of value is, that is their reality.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they think they are valuable, but they don’t communicate that value. If you don’t communicate that value through the use of effective and compelling direct response marketing here’s what will happen: You’ll think that what you have is valuable, but your prospects, or customers, or clients, or patients will not know the value, or understand the value, or interpret the value you’re offering them.

Here’s the point:

Money will only come to you once you create value – not just in the creation of your products or services – but also in the creation of powerful and effective communications.

You see there are three things you need in order to sell something…

1. You need a product or service, and that product or service needs to deliver everything (and more!) than what you say it will or promise it will. That’s just a given. You can’t have a long-term relationship by selling crappy products and services.

Now, let’s assume that the product or service you’re selling and providing is valuable and it’s everything you say it is. That’s only step one.

2. The second thing you need is a sales pitch or a marketing message. This is a huge focus on, and this is where you really need to communicate value. This is not just offering value that you think in the form of a product and service that is valuable, but actually creating value by entering a conversation that’s already existing in your prospect’s mind. (This was famously stated in 1937 by Robert Collier in one of the best classic marketing books available: ‘The Robert Collier Letter Book’.)

Now, assuming you have a marketing method or a sales pitch, that’s step two.

3. The third thing you need is a delivery system. Think of all the different ways you can deliver a message: Social media, offline advertising, blogging, online advertising, television, radio…and many more. And think of all the ‘old-school’ forms you can use to deliver a message: Direct mail, postcards, pre-recorded messages… and many more. That’s the way to deliver it.

Now that you know the three things you need in order to sell something, ask yourself this:

1. How can I create (or re-purpose) my product or service so that it OVER delivers on what I promise?

2. How can I craft a marketing message that enters the conversation already existing in the prospects mind? How can I create valuable communications?

(HINT: Understanding your prospects’ motivations is one of the first steps to creating compelling communications that cause people to want to buy your products and services.)

3. What delivery systems should I use to reach my prospects and customers most effectively?

(HINT: The more media you can use to reach your prospects and customers, the better. Some people get concerned about the cost of using more delivery systems. But remember: If you make more money on the backend, you can afford to spend more to acquire a customer than your competitors can. PLUS, you can use pre-recorded messages, postcards, direct mail, and many more delivery systems to deliver more value – and thus get more sales – from EXISTING customers. So don’t just think of a delivery system as something used for new customers and prospects. They can, and should, be used to deliver value to your current clients as well.)

So, in order to have money flow to you, you need to create value. If you spend enough time focusing on not only delivering great products and services, but more importantly, communicating the value of those products or services, and you start getting them in the hands of other people… then something kicks in where people start referring you and telling other people about you. Money will come once you create value.

Remember what Walt Disney said…

“Do What You Do So Well That They Will Want To See It Again And Bring Their Friends.”

Money comes when you create value. And the more value you create in the world, the more money you can make. Be a value creator.

[Ed. Note: Joe Polish shares his best marketing ideas and strategies at and also has the best-selling program at Nightengale-Conant. In addition, Joe put together an uncensored sales program featuring content from the late Gary Halbert here.]

Joe Polish

Joe Polish is a direct marketing expert and brilliant Genius Networker™. Check out his free weekly audio program at or find it on iTunes under "I Love Marketing™."