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How to Get Out of the Rat Race

By Jason Leister | 09/19/2011

As a service professional or business owner, how do you set your product prices or rates for your services? There are more books than you’d ever want to read about this topic. I’m sure there’s good advice out there, but there’s also a ton of bad advice mixed in—especially the…


The Brand Promise

By Verne Harnish | 09/19/2011

Motek promises to make their customers “Heroes.” Advanced Circuits guarantees the “Quick Turnaround” of custom printed circuit boards. Rackspace promises to deliver “Fanatical Support.” FedEx is promising “peace of mind.” Southwest Airlines has been delivering “low fares” from the very beginning. McDonalds has gone back to “speed.” What is the…


The One Thing You Should Do in Business

By Joe Polish | 09/14/2011

When I talk to people who are starting a business (or have a business), I get asked THIS question a lot… “What Is The One Thing I Should Focus On To Build A Successful Business?” Well, I wanted YOU to get my BEST ideas on building a business, so here’s…


Why You Need to Make Friends with Your Marketing Enemies

By Wendy Montes de Oca | 09/13/2011

With the economic climate as crazy as it’s been, now’s a great time to look to your ‘friendly’ competition for opportunities to help grow your list and add extra revenues to your bottom line. Even better, this can be done for virtually no out-of-pocket cost. Let me explain… For many…

5 percent solution

The 5 Percent Solution

By Bedros Keuilian | 09/7/2011

The 5 Percent Solution means identifying what 5 percent of your tasks will actually drive your business forward in a major way.


Why You Should Do the Opposite of Normal

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/6/2011

This weekend as I rode the train from the big city to my house in the country I went through some brainstorming homework for one of my coaching groups. As I worked through the exercises, I realized what I needed to do in order to take my business to the…


Defining Advertising and the Three Possible Responses

By Bill Glazer | 08/29/2011

Most advertising stinks. For instance, this has probably happened to you: some hotshot salesperson came walking into your place of business or contacted you online and told you that you’ve got to get your name out there. Get your name out there? Um, what exactly does that mean? “You know,…


Your Most Important Long Term Decision

By Verne Harnish | 08/26/2011

“The BHAG serves as a North Star (or Southern Cross if you’re down under) for you and your team as you continue to drive the business forward on a day to day business.” 99 stores supporting 99 villages is Thomas Lundgren’s 2020 vision for his Dubai-based company, The One Total…

business opportunities

Six Proven Methods to Evaluate a Business Opportunity

By Matt Smith | 08/24/2011

Evaluate any business opportunity based on six specific criteria used to build a fortune of smart investments in profitable businesses.


The Promise

By Jason Leister | 08/19/2011

I used to be a pretty naive person. You see, I had this nasty habit of actually believing what people told me.  Now as a personal quality, I imagine it’s not such a bad thing.  But as a business skill, it can be a huge (and expensive) liability. Here’s just…


The Number One Person in Your Business

By Craig Ballantyne | 08/10/2011

According to the ETR survey results, one of the biggest struggles among readers is identifying the right audience for their business. Today, I want to share with you a simple little exercise that will give you clarity and insight about the number one person in your business – your best…


3 Essential Elements for Your Business

By Craig Ballantyne | 08/2/2011

On Friday morning, my friends and I gathered in Austin, Texas to learn from information marketer, Ryan Deiss. For six hours, Ryan gave us a complete, no-holds barred inside look into his business, how they get traffic, his email secrets, and much, much more. It was easily the best coaching…