3 Essential Elements for Your Business

On Friday morning, my friends and I gathered in Austin, Texas to learn from information marketer, Ryan Deiss. For six hours, Ryan gave us a complete, no-holds barred inside look into his business, how they get traffic, his email secrets, and much, much more. It was easily the best coaching day I had ever experienced.

Unfortunately, I can’t share 99% of what Ryan told us, but I can share three essential elements that both Ryan and his business partner Perry have shared with me over the years. You’ll get a lot out of these simple, yet powerful tips.

#1 – The people who make the most money have the most products.

When Perry first said that to me back in 2008, I was relieved. I had never been able to master Google Ad Words or Facebook advertising, but Perry suggested that if I could just get people to try my programs, they would see the incredible value in them and they would be happy to buy more and more of my programs.

This way, I didn’t need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in ads to get new customers each week, when I could build my business based on serving my current customers with more great value.

Over the years I’ve created over 127 programs to sell to my happy customers, and that has allowed my business to prosper without depending on unreliable advertising methods like Google Ad Words.

#2 – People are interested in people with passion.

When I visit my mom out on the family farm, I notice that each night she tunes in to not just one, but two or three episodes of Rachel Ray’s cooking show. My mom just loves Rachel’s energy and enthusiasm. Now you can imagine, if Rachel was dull and borning, my mom would find someone else to watch. After all, there’s no shortage of cooking shows.

So no matter what your industry, huge opportunities remain in building a following of ravings fans if you are passionate about your subject. But success doesn’t require you to only do video. Your passion can come through in writing as well.

If you can continue to be passionate, you will attract other people interested in YOU and your message.

#3 – People are willing to work hard.

The recession has changed America’s attitude toward success.

During the years of 2000-2007 it was all about getting the most toys with the least amount of work – “the push-button magic pill syndrome”.

But since the recession of 2008-2009, America has been brought back to reality – and more importantly, to its roots of hard work, ingenuity, and pride in “rollin-up-the-sleeves-to-get-the-job-done”.

I was first turned on to this thinking back in September, when my friend Perry mentioned this during a presentation at an internet marketing seminar.

He used the example of an extremely hard, but popular fitness infomercial offer that you see on TV. Five or ten years ago, it was much more of a struggle to sell this type of information, but today people are much more open to accepting the idea that success takes work.

When a program like that is popular enough that you can buy TV media, then you know a shift has been made in the mindset of what people are willing to do for succeed.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a good mindset change.

Those are the 3 essential elements my friends Perry and Ryan taught me and that I’ve used to build my fitness and internet coaching businesses over the years. Simple, yet powerful lessons.

I encourage you to consider using them in your business as well.