An Old Hymn, Jazz, and the Key to Copywriting

An old Christian hymn might seem the last thing that could help you become a master copywriter.

But you’d be surprised…

Do you know the hymn “Morning Has Broken”? (Cat Stevens did a version of it in the 70s.)

Well, that was the first tune I ever learned to play on the bass guitar. And to this day, I can still remember how to do it.

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Most marketing people will tell you that the key to any successful marketing campaign is “testing.”

True. But there’s a little more to it…

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Silly Ideas

It was an experimental wine that Thierry had been working on…

He thought it had potential, so he decided to share it with Guy.

He poured two glasses. They sipped it.

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The Easiest Extra Income You’ll Ever Make

So it’s Sunday. The roast is in the oven and it’s going to take a few hours.

You set the timer, pop into town, and drop into your local charity shop. That’s a thrift shop to you U.S. readers — but either way, I like to call them “surrogate stockrooms.” You’ll see why.

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