The Easiest Extra Income You’ll Ever Make

So it’s Sunday. The roast is in the oven and it’s going to take a few hours.

You set the timer, pop into town, and drop into your local charity shop. That’s a thrift shop to you U.S. readers — but either way, I like to call them “surrogate stockrooms.” You’ll see why.

In your local surrogate stockroom, you scan the bookshelves.

These places are lined with shelves of what is essentially cash gathering dust. Really. The guys behind the counter don’t realize the true value of the books they have…

You simply have a look around, pick up some new “stock,” and waltz home.

Back at home, you check on the roast, put on the vegetables, and lay the table. Dinner is starting to smell very good.

While the vegetables are cooking, you log on to a free-access website and enter a unique 13-digit number.

The website registers the number and you proceed to another screen. Here, the website asks you how much profit you’d like to generate.

That’s right. YOU set the level of how much YOU want to make.

You repeat the process a few times… each time entering the unique code and selecting how much profit you’d like to pick up.

When the vegetables are done and the roast is ready, you serve it up and tuck in. After the last carrot is gone, you could even have your first profit.

You see, once you’ve entered that code… you’re pretty much done. That’s it. All the “work” you did before dinner was enough to start generating profits. Now, you just get on with enjoying life.

$69.05 for Just Tapping a Few Keys…

What I’m talking about here (if you haven’t realized it already) is selling secondhand books online. If you’re skeptical, let me tell you — I was skeptical too.

I’d heard about people doing this, but I didn’t think you could really make any decent money with it. So I looked into how it works. I took a few cheap books off my own shelves, entered the unique 13-digit number online, and sat back to see what would happen.

Frankly, it was a shock.

In just six days, I was making money. Cash profits paid straight into my account… £27.23 ($39.15)… then £48.02 ($69.05)… then £37.58 ($54.04).

No, I didn’t break the bank. But for me, this has got to be one of the best — and one of the easiest — ways I’ve ever discovered for making extra money consistently.

I genuinely believe that this is an extra income stream everyone should try. No matter what your job… where you live… even if you’ve never bought a book in your life…

If I hadn’t done this myself and seen it with my own eyes I might still be skeptical. But having already started generating a steady and reliable second income stream from it — well, I back it all the way.

Here’s the thing, though. Yes, you can put any old book online for sale…

But in my experience, there are certain books you can pick up that will generate much more profits than any others…

That’s why, today, I’d like to give you a free copy of a special guide I’ve put together. It contains a wealth of advice and recommendations on the type of books you should be looking for in your local surrogate stockrooms.

Plus, you’ll discover a wealth of tips and tricks that you can use to supercharge the cash you pocket.

The guide itself is called The 13-Digit Multiple Payday Secret. In it, I tell you about…

  • Two crazy French guys and a nutty German whose books are seriously easy to get hold of — and sell like hotcakes online. Get those books and you could pocket $30 – $40 in no time.
  • A cult Japanese writer whose obsession with cats and 60s pop music could help you grab $5 – $9 each time you sell one of his books. This guy’s written a ton of books, and you can profit from them all.
  • Two Irish rogues who try their best to confuse the heck out of everyone who reads their books — but are in such demand that they could generate a steady stream of easy cash for you. Plus, you’ll be able to tap into a special market of people who have to buy from you…

I also explain how you could create your own High Profit Hit List — with the names of authors that could bag you seriously large profits… with just one copy of one of their books…

You’ll usually be looking at picking up a nice, reliable $5 – $11 profit on each book you sell. And you should expect to do that once or twice a day…

But with the one-off gems on your High Profit Hit List, you’ll be looking at $50 – $110 per book.
And it doesn’t stop there. I’m also going to send you my personal e-mail address.

That way, if you have any questions whatsoever about bookselling — or about any other aspect of this income opportunity — you’ll have a direct line to me. And I’ll do my very best to help you and get you sorted out so you can make more money.

To find out how you can get a copy of The 13-Digit Multiple Payday Secret and start generating a second income stream from secondhand books, go here.

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