Profit Like It’s 1933!

On May 27, 1933 – in the heart of the Great Depression – a crowd of more than 30,000 people stood in line to get into the “Century of Progress” World’s Fair, held in Chicago, IL.

Over the next 24 months, 39,052,236 people would attend the fair. To put that in perspective, the entire US population at the time was 125,578,763. So 32% of them found a way to get there.

The cost of admission alone brought in $19,526,118… in 1933 dollars. That would be the equivalent of $325,247,383 today.

And when you consider the money spent on food, parking, gas, knickknacks, and lodgings, it is estimated that the “Century of Progress” brought in well over a billion dollars.

And remember… this was during the Great Depression, with unemployment at a whopping 24%.

Two of the people making serious money from the “Century of Progress” were Rufus Dawes and Charles Dawes. The brothers were Chicago bankers who benefited wildly from the fair being held in their city. Rufus was the president of the fair corporation. Charles was head of the bank that handled most of the funding. (He had also been Vice President of the US from 1925 to 1929.)

Many other individuals and companies rose to the top during those troubled times.

For example, in 1929, Kellogg’s was a relatively small company. Their market share trailed far behind that of their main competitor, Postum Cereals (later known as General Mills).

However, by the end of 1939 Kellogg’s had decidedly taken the lead – a position it holds to this day. While thousands of other companies were failing, Kellogg’s couldn’t produce its cereals fast enough. Its revenues shot into the hundreds-of-millions, and its profit margins were in the double-digit percentages.

Then there was Charles Darrow. After the Crash of 1929, Charles lost his job and much of his money. Not having anything else to do, he decided to refine a little-known parlor game. By 1937, his version of the game – Monopoly – had sold more than 6 million units at an average price of $10. That would be about $150 in today’s dollars. Incredible.

I’m confident Mr. Darrow never worried about money again.

And what about Michael J. Cullen? Michael started his career working as a warehouse boy with The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. But in 1930, he came up with the idea of a “supermarket.” He began buying or renting deserted warehouses and manufacturing plants and stocking them with huge quantities of cheap food, clothing, and household supplies.

Within a few years, he was a multi-millionaire many, many times over.

Here’s the point…

If you know where to look… and you know what to look for… there’s a lot of money to be made during a financial crisis.

And right now, we are in a serious financial crisis… and it’s only going to get worse.

The question is this…

Are you going to be like the 24% of the population that lost it all during the Great Depression… or are you going to profit from the enormous opportunities that are sure to arise?

I want to give you one simple, very specific, thing you can do right now to ensure that you’ll not only survive this crisis but thrive. As you’ll see, it will help you whether you’re an investor, business owner, or just an everyday Joe…

I’m talking about cultivating the key relationships in your life.

Now is the time to consider who you know, what they do, and how you could benefit each other financially, socially, and personally.

Let me give you an example of the profit-power of securing the relationships you already have…

Joshua Boswell is friend of mine who happens to be a top-notch copywriter and marketing consultant. He’s written copy for ETR, has spoken at several of our conferences, and has worked with us on product development.

But when the market crashed back in 2008, he wondered how he was going to survive.

He had been making a strong six-figure income as a copywriter. But several of his clients started to cut their marketing budgets… which meant Joshua was getting less and less work.

But he noticed that one of them – a man named RC Peck – didn’t seem to be fazed by the crash. In fact, RC appeared to be doing better than ever.

When Joshua asked RC about it, it led to a conversation that totally changed his life.

Within 5 months, not only had Joshua totally recovered from the crash… he was making over 3 times the six-figures he had been making before.

Imagine that. In the midst of the biggest economic crash since the Depression, Joshua’s income shot up by over 300% in under 5 months.

You see, RC – one of Joshua’s key connections – moved in different circles. And he knew something Joshua didn’t know.

That’s what made it possible for Joshua to make his income to explode.

After Joshua shared that story with me, I was curious to know what, exactly, RC did – and what it had to do with Joshua’s income explosion.

What I found out is that, for the past 15 years, RC’s been the secret financial weapon for the major investors, corporate executives, and business owners in Silicon Valley. These mega-millionaires trust him with their money, and it’s no wonder…

His “Silicon Valley Investment Formula” has netted a stunning 693% return over the past 10 years… Plus, he’s predicted and profited from every market crash in the past 15 years.

His track record shows that he and his clients who use the Formula have never lost money in the market or with their more unusual, “hidden” investments.

During all this time, he’s shared his Formula only with his personal clients. (No surprise that they pay him a small fortune.)

Here’s the thing…

If Joshua had not reached out to RC and cultivated this key relationship, he may never have recovered his financial footing after the crash of 2008… let alone tripled his income.

And it is very likely that there are people in your life, too, who run in different circles. People who can open doors for you that otherwise would be shut tight (or invisible).

With gold moving toward $2,000/oz… the housing market still wondering where the bottom is… inflation hunting for new highs… the US dollar acting like a frightened mole that just keeps digging deeper… and politicians gutting our economy with government printing presses and spending sprees… there is little doubt that a major financial crisis is already upon us.

You need to act soon. Start with the key relationships in your life and the rest will follow.

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