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Self Improvement

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Self Improvement

10 Golden Rules for the Godfather’s Success — Part 2

By Craig Ballantyne | 06/5/2023

Many of my friends and coaching clients affectionately refer to me as The Godfather because of my industry connections and influence. For fun, I decided to study the true Godfather, Don Corleone, and I identified his 10 Golden Rules for Success. Yesterday, I shared Rules 1-5 in Part 1. Today, we…


10 Golden Rules for the Godfather’s Success — Part 1

By Craig Ballantyne | 06/2/2023

Years ago, a friend of mine referred to me as The Godfather. He bestowed this title upon me because of my connections to ‘movers and shakers’ inside and outside of our industry, as well as my reputation for doing what I say and getting things done. It also didn’t hurt…


Finish the Year Strong

By Craig Ballantyne | 06/1/2023

It’s close to the halfway point of the year. We want to finish the year strong. It’s time to review your performance up to this point.  Have you let any of the good systems backslide into previous patterns of bad behavior? If you let loose a little too much over…


Change This and You Will Change Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/30/2023

Several years back there was a woman in my fat loss membership site who had a fried chicken problem. Each day on her way home from work she would pass a shop, and no matter whether she needed it or not, she would stop in and buy a piece of…

Insane Productivity

5 Ways to Achieve Insane Productivity

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/29/2023

My friend Ed O’Keefe was the first person ever to call me “The World’s Most Disciplined Man.” He did that because he said I was the most productive person he had ever met and, like most people, Ed connected insane productivity with discipline. The truth, though, is that I’m not…

darth vader

Darth Vader Gets a Lesson in Stoic Philosophy

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/26/2023

Darth Vader voice actor James Earl Jones made a big financial mistake when the first Star Wars was made, but Epictetus would have given him this advice.


7 Rules Everyone Should Follow

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/23/2023

Andy and I sat in the restaurant of the Four Seasons in Denver on a sunny Thursday afternoon. He had driven down from Boulder after we had been introduced through a mutual friend. I was impressed. He was a sharp, energetic young man of thirty years old. He had already…


How to Get Back on Track

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/17/2023

“Slip slidin’ away, slip slidin’ away, You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip slidin’ away” – Paul Simon This happens to all of us in one facet of life or another. We build a habit that starts off strong but then, over time, often ends up slip sliding…


The Pledge

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/16/2023

When I was young and broke (and cheap and stubborn), I relied heavily on what I called, “Virtual Mentors.” This meant reading every issue of the Early to Rise newsletter, and books, like Dan Kennedy’s autobiography, Unfinished Business. I also consulted a mental round-table of advisors, as Napolean Hill recommended in Think and Grow Rich.…

Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

By Daniel Woodrum | 05/15/2023

Managing Self-Doubt for Business Owners As entrepreneurs, we are driven by a unique vision and purpose. However, despite our achievements, it is not uncommon to feel like we don’t deserve our success or that we are not good enough. This internal struggle is known as imposter syndrome, and it poses…

minutes into money

How to Turn 15 Minutes into Money

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/11/2023

Building your wealth comes down to 15 simple minutes you set aside every day to work on your primary goal, whether it’s sales, managements, etc.

How to Solve Your Social Media Problem

Elon Musk’s Solution for the Mark Zuckerberg Problem

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/10/2023

Temptations are all around us, but there are ways to keep yourself—and your goals—on track. Use the Musk Method, described here, to keep moving toward success each and every day.