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Upgrade Your Standards To Reach Your Full Potential

By Daniel Woodrum | 05/14/2024

In 2019 I saw Ed Mylett give a speech that changed my life. Ed said that when he thinks about death, he envisions himself meeting God for the first time. “Ed here is the man I designed you to be,” God will say to Ed, “This was the man, husband,…

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5 Powerful Leadership Principles to Build an Unstoppable Team

By Daniel Woodrum | 01/25/2024

Click here to discover 5 powerful principles to become a magnetic leader and build an unstoppable team of high performers.


The Journey to High-Performing Leadership

By Daniel Woodrum | 12/8/2023

Leadership is often perceived as an innate quality and something that people are born with. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Natural born leader” many times in the business world. Leadership is not a genetic trait. It’s a skill that can be cultivated and learned through hard work, dedication and…


5 Best Strategies to Become a Better Communicator

By Daniel Woodrum | 11/22/2023

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Becoming a better communicator can foster healthier relationships, boost your career and help you become a stronger leader. Today, I’d like to share five communication strategies that helped me become a better communicator and leader, both professionally and personally. #1: Master the Art…


Turning Ideas into Action with Dates, Details, and Deadlines

By Daniel Woodrum | 11/2/2023

As a business coach for the past 5 years, I’ve seen countless clients throw out ideas and grand plans, only to see them dissipate like water on a hot Arizona summer day. You’ve probably heard the cliche thousands of times, “an idea without a plan is just a wish.” But…


The Power of Consistency and Resiliency in Entrepreneurship

By Daniel Woodrum | 07/24/2023

Unlocking the Whoosh Effect In the fiercely competitive world of entrepreneurship, achieving success is a constant battle. Amidst the challenges and setbacks, there exists a phenomenon known as the Whoosh Effect—an extraordinary breakthrough that often occurs just when entrepreneurs are on the brink of giving up or chasing another shiny…


Balancing Act: The Guilt Dilemma of Business Owners

By Daniel Woodrum | 06/12/2023

Sean, a dedicated business owner from New Jersey, found himself entangled in a web of guilt. On one hand, he felt remorseful for not being fully present with his family when at work, and on the other, guilt engulfed him when he was at home, not dedicating himself fully to…

Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

By Daniel Woodrum | 05/15/2023

Managing Self-Doubt for Business Owners As entrepreneurs, we are driven by a unique vision and purpose. However, despite our achievements, it is not uncommon to feel like we don’t deserve our success or that we are not good enough. This internal struggle is known as imposter syndrome, and it poses…

Business coaching can help you!

Business Coaching & the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneur Transformation

By Daniel Woodrum | 04/17/2023

Business coaching is a valuable tool that can help someone succeed in their business and their personal life by providing guidance, accountability, and support.  Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to establish a new business or a seasoned executive looking to improve your leadership skills, business coaching can help you…


Make Your To-Do List Disappear

By Daniel Woodrum | 03/29/2023

I was on a call the other day with a coaching client, and he said something that made me chuckle.  But it also sparked today’s message. I’d asked the client towards the end of our call, “What can I do for you this week to make sure you accomplish your goals?” Without skipping…


This Stuff Is Hard

By Daniel Woodrum | 03/22/2023

In the past few months I’ve had over 100 coaching conversations via email, phone calls and texts with entrepreneurs & business owners.  Most of these conversations end up being around dealing with emotions… strained relationships… putting out fires… dealing with unhappy clients or customers… not being able to find enough…


Where Can You Save $$$ In Your Business?

By Daniel Woodrum | 03/15/2023

Over the past month we’ve been creating a new program we will be selling starting next week (you’ll get free access to it as a client!). It’s called the Profit Maximizer Program. The program includes 14 Profit Maximizer Strategies that any business can implement to earn more profits in their…