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Mark Ford

Your Simple Guide to Massive Productivity In the New Year

By Mark Ford | 02/1/2024

Want to double your productivity in the New Year and achieve your BIGGEST goals and aspirations? This New Year productivty guide will show you how.


10 Easy Daily Habits to Improve Yourself in 2019

By Mark Ford | 12/28/2018

Want to grow into the strongest version of yourself in 2019? Forget the crazy resolutions and crash diets and implement these 10 easy habits instead.

how to budget your way to wealth

How to Actually Budget Your Way to Wealth

By Mark Ford | 11/9/2018

Despite what you’ve been told, “Budget” isn’t a bad word. In fact, the right budget can help you become wealthy in record time. Here’s how.

How to Actively Listen

Are You Listening?

By Mark Ford | 08/23/2018

Too few have learned to listen well—and have lost out on opportunities because of it. Don’t make the same mistake; learn the tools of active listening now.

must act now

Why ‘Must Act Now’ Pitches are Hurting Your Investments

By Mark Ford | 03/2/2017

Understanding the anatomy of a sale can help you avoid risky investments and the Must Act Now trigger.


The 5 Skills to Make You Rich

By Mark Ford | 10/26/2016

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Early To Rise Founder Mark Ford.  Longtime readers of Early To Rise know I’m always harping on developing skills that will bring their business more revenue. Recently, someone I respect and admire has been humming a similar tune. Doug Casey, founder of…


A Surprising Thing I Learned About Setting Goals

By Mark Ford | 10/18/2016

Why is it, I kept asking myself, that nobody follows my advice on personal productivity? Every January, I write an essay bragging about all the things I got done the previous year, urging readers to use my personal productivity program. But it seems like I convince no one. We get…


Living Rich #2: Sleeping Like a Billionaire

By Mark Ford | 05/27/2015

So you want to live like the rich do? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent years thinking about this topic, and I’m sure that it is entirely possible to live as well as a billionaire without spending loads of money. I’m going to begin our investigation with an…

broke and old

Battered, Broke, Bankrupt, and Old?

By Mark Ford | 09/3/2014

Being 60-plus years does not mean you have to be broke and old. Yes, you are older now, and that means you should be wiser, so let your life reflect that.

Empty Restaurant

The Empty Restaurant

By Mark Ford | 07/17/2010

Entering the piazza, we saw that we had the choice of four restaurants: one that was very busy, two that were moderately busy, and one that had just one couple sitting at a table in the back.

Which do you think we picked?