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Independently Wealthy

How to Protect Your Kids from “Affluenza”

By Dr. Joanne Stern | 12/19/2014

I attended an interesting dinner party a few years ago… Seated at the head of an elegantly set table for 10, the host dominated the dinner conversation with stories of his favorite subject: himself. He bragged about going to Formula One races in France. He name-dropped when talking about his celebrity neighbors…


How to Effectively Communicate Great Ideas

By Bob Burg | 09/16/2014

Having once again watched the DVD version of the two Atlas Shrugged movies released thus far (it’s a trilogy rounded out by the September 13, 2014 opening of its final installment), I think about how effective communication is such a hugely important aspect of selling. Selling – in this case – not…


What NOT to do at Work

By Dale Davidson | 08/28/2014

During college, all I wanted to do was become a Navy SEAL. I won an NROTC scholarship, got accepted into training, and was ready to start my career as an operator. Unfortunately, once I got into training, I realized I didn’t want to become a SEAL, and I quit. Not…


Recovering the Value of Leisure

By Luciano Del Monte | 08/15/2014

Like you, I’ve spent a big part of my life doing and accomplishing things. It’s been both challenging and fulfilling, whether it was during my time as a high school teacher, a pastor, campus chaplain, or presently, as a life and leadership coach. For over four decades I have been…


#1 Lesson From Dad

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/21/2014

My father spent a lot of time in silence. As a farmer he worked many long days alone in his International tractor cab, plowing, sowing, and reaping in the fields.Before I was old enough to start school, I spent many hours with him there. Our family couldn’t afford childcare and…


How to Be a Good Role Model for Your Kids: The Powerful Pygmalion Effect

By Dr. Joanne Stern | 07/11/2014

I want to share with you a powerful secret that will help your kids reach their full potential. It doesn’t involve sending them to fancy schools… or signing them up for extracurricular activities. It doesn’t require helping them get a high-powered internship… or sending them overseas to learn a foreign…


How to Talk About Money in Your Marriage

By Dr. Joanne Stern | 06/27/2014

A female client once told me that she got her money the old fashioned way: by divorce. It’s a funny line that reflects the traditional thinking of the man as the breadwinner in a marriage and the source of family wealth. But the truth is that times have changed. Today,…


A Letter to My Kids

By Jason Leister | 06/13/2014

Dear Kids, I’m taking the time to write this to you today, years before there’s a chance that you’ll ever read it. One of my reasons for doing this is simply because I want to affirm some things that I see you doing and some of the ways you are…

middle class

How to Escape the Dead-End Middle Class

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/27/2014

Escape the dead-end middle class by taking charge of your financial future by creating capital that compounds over time… here’s how.


The Great Key to Successful Living

By Alex Green | 05/8/2014

At a party last week, I bumped into a distracted woman wearing a frown. “Hey, don’t hog all the fun,” I said with a wink. She shook her head and gave me a slightly embarrassed smile. “It’s just that when I come to social events like these, I cringe when…


How to Build Your Family Wealth

By Will Bonner | 04/30/2014

The real wealth in your family is in its human, not its financial, capital. This is one of the secrets of establishing a lasting legacy. Concentrate on your family… and the wealth will follow. Families that successfully preserve wealth for generations are always made up of individuals with financially valuable…


5 Ways To Do Nothing

By James Altucher | 04/3/2014

I got an email at five in the morning that made me angry. It pressed every button. It accused. It threatened. It copied other people. It attempted to make me feel guilt. It attempted to make me feel fear. I can go on. I started to type a response and…