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Why Lie About It?

By Suzanne Richardson | 08/11/2008

One of the best ways to improve your marketing skills is to learn to recognize where other marketers are going wrong with their sales copy.


Red for Attention

By Howie Jacobson | 08/9/2008

The primary currency of marketing is attention. No eyes or ears, no sales. And attention is harder and harder to get these days. More stimuli, less time. More hype, less trust. More attention deficit disorder (ADD), less focus.


Testing, Testing…

By Judith Strauss | 08/6/2008

You’ve got a great idea for a new product. And you’ve been reading ETR long enough to know that before you can even consider using that product to launch a business, you have to find out if people will buy it. One of our recommendations has been to try it out at a street fair.


ETR Insider Report: What You Think Doesn’t Matter

By Suzanne Richardson | 08/4/2008

You can love a sales promotion or a marketing campaign or a product. You can think you’ve got the best thing since the iPhone. But until you test it to your market, what you think doesn’t matter.


Get Rich With Rights

By Paul Lawrence | 08/2/2008

Obtaining the rights to a product and then selling those rights to someone else is a business opportunity that many entrepreneurs ignore.


Dine Like a Millionaire

By Charlie Byrne | 08/1/2008

I’m sure you know that an excellent dinner for two can easily run into three figures these days. And with prices going up everywhere, it’s only getting worse.


Do You Have a Problem?

By John L. Herman Jr. | 07/26/2008

Some business owners are like ostriches. They bury their heads in the sand. I have talked with owners who owed millions in debt, were 120 days late on their accounts payable, and couldn’t price and order correctly – and they still looked at me like I was crazy when I said they should sell and get out.


A Painful Lesson in Supreme Service

By John Forde | 07/25/2008

As copywriters, marketers, and business owners, we spend so much time getting customers in the door. It’s too easy to forget about them once that’s done.


What’s Better Than Being a Top-Notch Inventor?

By Alex Mandossian | 07/24/2008

The marketing philosophy of choosing improvement over invention has generated millions of dollars for my info-publishing business, as well as those of my students.


Whatever Business You’re In…

By Suzanne Richardson | 07/22/2008

If we had such a thing, this would surely be one of ETR’s 10 Commandment’s of Start-Up Businesses: Make sure your product will sell before you do anything else! But when I recently caught a few moments of Tori Spelling’s “Watch me start a new business every week” reality show,…


An Unusual Way to Make a Fortune With Service Businesses

By Paul Lawrence | 07/17/2008

You can make great money with service businesses – but it can take a lot of work. At least that’s what most people think. And I was one of them. Until I discovered a money-making secret almost by accident.


Your Marketing Department Needs to Be Bigger

By Mary Ellen Tribby | 07/17/2008

If you have five employees, you should have five marketers. If you have 100 employees, you should have 100 marketers.