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Nobody Owes You Anything: From Gardener to Entrepreneur

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/27/2010

The average Nicaraguan is born in a shack with a dirt floor. He earns less than $15 a week. “E,” my gardener in Nicaragua, does much better than that. But he is still, by U.S. standards, poor. Since I am in daily contact with E when I’m there, I often…


A Quick-Start Guide for the Internet Entrepreneur

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/25/2010

I recently got an e-mail from a man I’ll call Jim, a longtime ETR reader. His question is probably the most common one I get. If you are interested in breaking into the Internet, pay attention. What I have to say to Jim might give you the information you need…


The Top 10 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert Using Social Media

By David Riklan | 02/24/2010

Let’s start by answering a very simple question: As a small businessperson, entrepreneur, or Internet marketer, why would you want to position yourself as an expert? The answer is very simple. Everybody trusts an expert. And, as every salesperson will tell you, individuals want to do business with people they…


Don’t Take a Chance on Luck

By Harvey Mackay | 02/22/2010

Luck seems to have a peculiar attachment to work. I’m sure that you have heard the Dave Thomas quote: “It seems the harder I work, the luckier I get.” I would tend to agree with that statement, but I think there are a few other conditions that affect your “luck”…


Are You Wasting Your Time With Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?

By David Riklan | 02/19/2010

Everywhere I turn, I hear about how fantastic social media is. People tell me they are spending six hours a day on Facebook. They are responding to Twitter tweets all day and all night. Facebook’s 350 million users collectively spend more than 8 billion minutes on the site each day.…


Business in Booms and Busts

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/16/2010

A Question for Michael Masterson: “Are you approaching business any differently in today’s economic climate? Baby boomers never experienced a severe depression or hyperinflation –therefore, I think their worldview of business is skewed.” D.M. Plano, TX Michael’s Answer: Yes, D.M., I am approaching business differently these days.


Springing Yourself From the Trap of Financial Dependence

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/13/2010

Are you a doctor, lawyer, or other professional? How about a salaried employee? If so, you’re in a trap. And you’ll never get out unless you listen to me today. In my book Automatic Wealth, I talked about this “trap.” Here’s what I said… “At the end of the day,…


What You Know Can Make You Richer

By Bob Bly | 02/11/2010

I am constantly besieged by nice, well-meaning folk who desperately desire to be writers, consultants, coaches, speakers, and information marketers. Many of these people actually have a talent for writing, consulting, coaching, speaking, and authoring information products. Yet most will not succeed, because… They have nothing to teach, write, or…


How to Get Paid for Interviewing Executives and Celebrities

By Marc Charles | 02/10/2010

Did you know that you can get paid for asking questions? It’s true! And in the process, you’ll meet interesting people, make powerful contacts in various industries, and, most important, be doing “work” that is fun and easy. In fact, I made more than $10,000 in my first three months…


Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed at Internet Marketing?

By Bob Bly | 02/8/2010

When you hear about all the folks who are making thousands of dollars a week in passive income by selling information products on the Internet… and “working” only a few hours a day… … it’s tempting to want to jump on the bandwagon. But before you take the leap, it…


The Power of Trust

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/6/2010

My friend “Roy” is a talented businessman and — in most respects — a natural-born entrepreneur. He’s made several fortunes in his life, but he’s lost them too. As I write this, he is starting over again — for the fourth time. “My life has been a roller coaster,” he…


Stealing the Thunder

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/5/2010

I’ve been working with our copywriters on a daily basis for about six months now. I have noticed that many of them make a lot of the same mistakes. Today, I will focus on one of them. I call it “Stealing the Thunder.” Here’s an example. The following is a…