7 Tips for Thinner Thighs

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If you want to have thinner thighs but those silly high-repetition soup-can workouts in today’s fitness magazines aren’t helping, I have good news for you.

Today I’m going to give you 7 tips that you can use immediately to start losing inches from your thighs…perhaps even an inch in a week.

Here are seven things you need to do right now:

1) Interval training

Research from Australia found that when women did short burst interval training, they lost most of the fat from their thighs and butt.

One of the best interval durations to use is 24 seconds of work followed by 36 seconds of recovery. That’s just one of the interval programs in the Booty for Wife program.

2) Take a before photo

In the last 3 weeks I’ve interviewed 3 fat loss experts, and they’ve all listed “taking before photos” as one of the main factors for success.

When you take that before photo, it triggers something in your mind that makes you more committed and more successful. I promise you taking a before photo really helps you get more results (and you don’t have to show it to anyone else, but please take it for YOUR results!).

3) Switch to more bodyweight exercises

Instead of doing heavy leg presses (like the trainers at my gym suggest to their female clients), switch to bodyweight exercises such as 1-leg lying hip extensions, 1-leg bench squats, and 1-leg deadlifts.

These moves work your butt more, and your thighs less. And that will put the curves in all the right spots while giving you thinner thighs.

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4) Cut out all added sugar from your diet.

Let’s be honest…diet is the key to fat loss and thinner thighs. So you must make sure you’re not sneaking in candy, cookies, or soda.

Every time I review the diet of a female client who is struggling, she ALWAYS – and I mean ALWAYS – is sneaking too many sugary snacks.

But if you want advanced results, you have to take advanced measures, and that means cutting out the sugar so that your diet is on track 90% of the time (and you can reward yourself 10% of the time – but NOT everyday).

5) Cut back to 1 set per leg exercise

Getting big thighs is every bodybuilder’s dream. And how do they do that? By eating a lot and by doing many sets of heavy weights.

And while it is important to do some strength training, if you gain muscle quickly, you’ll still get the lean mass metabolism benefits of resistance training from just one set – not three – and that will cut out the thigh-building from your workouts (so you can spend that extra time on intervals).

6) Keep a food journal

This is another research proven method of improving your diet so you lose more thigh fat. It’s very simple…just write down what you eat everyday. You can use a notebook, an excel spreadsheet, or even one of those fancy Iphone apps.

But do this for a few weeks and I promise you’ll eat better and lose inches.

7) Take measurements

Listen, we’ll never really know if your thighs are getting smaller unless you wrap the tape measure around your thighs so that you know the truth.

(NOTE: Make sure you measure your thighs in the morning before a workout, not after a workout when they are filled with fluid.)

By knowing the real numbers and by keeping a food journal and making these training changes, I promise your thighs will start to shrink overnight.

Booty Workout

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Thin your thighs and curve that butt,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Booty for Wife (& for all the single ladies!)