5 Minute Bodyweight Workout

two20thumbs20upAw yeah, it’s done. Just filmed the Turbulence Training Reconstruction Workout videos. It was awesome. In fact, just filming the videos confirmed how powerful the exercises are for “building your body back up“.

I felt amazing after doing the WYLIT upper back exercises (we’ll put a video of these up on youtube soon!) and a few of the tennis ball and foam rolling self-massage exercises, plus the bodyweight exercises and the ab circuits.

Now I feel like I’m 100% again and ready to rock and roll. bally the dog

Unfortunately, we always have to film late at night when the gym is empty, so I didn’t get home until after midnight, and then I had to walk Bally the Dog, send a few emails, and organize the editing process for the videos.

We’re shifting into video overdrive these days and I’ll soon have some BIG news about more online Turbulence Training videos, shows, and seminars.

While I was working late I had a great “vegan workout recovery meal” of Ezekial Cereal and applesauce. Sounds weird, but it reminded me of the apple oatmeal crisp my mom used to make for dessert when I was a kid.

So two bowls later, it was 1:30am and I still wanted to go through a few pages of the book I’m reading…and all that caused me to sleep in on Thursday morning and by the time I got back from our morning dog walk it was 9:30am.

No worries though, because I had a brilliant bodyweight circuit all planned out, and I was able to crank this out in my lil’ old living room… abdominal exercise

1) Bodyweight Squats – 50 reps
2) Stability Ball Rollouts – 12 reps
3) Prisoner Squats – 25 reps
4) Pushups – 20 reps

10 minutes straight. No rest. Felt great. Try that one out for 5-10 minutes or whatever you’ve got.

If you don’t have a stability ball, you can do this bodyweight circuit:

1) Prisoner Squats bodyweight squat
2) Pushups
3) Lunges
4) Mountain Climbers

Of if you’re a beginner, you can try this instead…

1) Lying Hip Extensions
2) Keeling Pushups
3) 1-Leg Hip Extensions
4) Plank

No matter which workout you choose, just remember, there are NO excuses for skipping a workout. The “no time” and “no equipment” explanations don’t cut it.

Everyone has 5-10 minutes. And everyone has some bodyweight.

So you can do something everyday to move you closer to your goals.

So those are my circuits…anyone else have any suggestions?

Let me know your best circuit in the comments section below.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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With bodyweight workouts, you’ll save time (they are shorter and don’t require you to drive to the gym and back), so you can enjoy more time outside – heck, you can even do most of these workouts in the park!

So get started with the 6-Month Bodyweight Turbulence Training program and Bodyweight Cardio Bonus today. bodyweight exercises fat loss workout

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  • Craig,

    My favorite thing that I’ve learned from Turbulence Training are these “body weight circuits”. I can’t thank you enough for coming up with a solid method for people to stay fit regardless of their access to equipment or lack of time.

    I recommend this without hesitation to every visitor to my site. The “skill” of getting in shape or staying in shape in a small space is a great skill to know. Whether someone is traveling or life gets too busy to take a trip to the gym, this is a way to stay lean. I still do these at least once per week in addition to going to the gym (I have more free time now to workout).

    Just so your readers know. I was able to maintain between 6-8% body fat by doing nothing but TT Body Weight Circuits for three months this winter. I was spending 60+ hours per week running a large men’s suit store and 25-30 hours per week running my blog. This workout was a life saver (and I was skeptical that such a brief workout would work).

    Anyway…I’ve thanked you before by sending you an e-mail, but I wanted to publicly thank you on your site. You are on to something big!



    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thanks Rusty. Bodyweight training is just so darn easy and convenient…hopefully more folks take our suggestions to heart!

      • Kieran

        Hi Craig,

        I tried your Crazy 8 circuit and found it bulked me up a little. I used to run 35 minutes 3-4 times aweek but switched to the Crazy 8 circuit for a few weeks. Tough workout. Looks easy on paper. But as I said, it made me look a little puffy. Think it’d be better to do standard running in between Crazy 8 days to kind of ’round things’ off? I’m male, 44 years old.

      • Do you have measurements that prove this? How does a workout make someone “puffy”?

  • Jim

    Craig – here’s one I did today:

    Jumping split lunge/squats (mary catherines) – 30 seconds
    Burpees – 30 seconds
    Kettlebell swings – 30 seconds
    Squat jumps – 30 seconds.

    That’s one round (two minutes of work). Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 6 rounds.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Very nice!

  • Trev

    Craig: I love that I’m reading more and more about vegetarian and vegan foods – especially as they relate to exercise and recovery – from you. This is such a huge market, and there are so many myths out there about meats (and really all animal products) and their “necessary” place in an athlete’s diet. The interview you had with the vegetarian nutritionist a few weeks back was fantastic, and I’d love to see you delve into this stuff some more in the future…

    Keep rockin’, and keep up the inspiring work,

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great to hear Trev, we have a LOT more info coming on veg diets and meals. Even video with Kardena, the expert I interviewed.

  • Husseina

    Hey Craig,
    Thanx for the workouts,I’ve started doing them and believe me the 2nd day my lower body was in pain, had soars of course I go gym and do regular exercises (aerobics alternating with karate) but this 6 basic exercise which I added to mine is helping me. I don’t follow your diet simply because I eat spicy Indian meals but i mek sure eat small meals at a time, and nutrious one I prepare it myself, following your concept.

    I’ll continue doing the basics till there ll be no pain, meaning till it becomes easier for me then ‘ll switch to advance exercises

    I’m so glad you are doing a great job for people like us being busy the entire day, but due to your website we know it’s possible to shed those extra fats and still be healthy.

    Above all I’m your big time fan……………


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thank you so much Husseina!

  • Susan Seales Trinidad and Tobago

    Thanks for the info it is very educational it is good to know you can get a good body from body weighted exercises ss

  • mekaylah

    hey craig!

    always looking forward to new blog posts and i follow you on facebook too! thank you for all of the info. i have noticed with your new vegan diet you seem to be eating a lot more carbs (cereal, breads, wraps, tons of fruit and some of the milk alternatives) and fat (from nuts and nut butters). would a diet like this work for someone who is pre diabetic/diabetic? i know that we are supposed to avoid those things, but i am interested in a vegan diet myself. i have read that a more plant based diet is ideal for people with diabetes, but i also know that we are supposed to avoid excess carbs and fat. tell me what you know, or point me in the right direction. thanks!


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Mekaylah, that is a serious nutrition issue you’d need to discuss with your doctor or dietician, sorry!

  • Hi Craig,

    I love your stuff! I incorporate so much of your training and workouts in my personal routine and with my clients. I am currently on a short vacation in Puerto Rico and the 5 minute workouts are perfect to keep me in shape. I am spending as much time as possible outside walking the beach and in the beautiful water. I escaped from raining New Jersey and want to make the most of this perfect weather.

    I am all about staying motivated, healthy, fit and making the most of everyday. I enjoy motivating my clients to become healthier and it inspires me “when they get it!”

    I started a motivational fitness greeting card business you might like to visit. My passion is to constantly encourage positive health and reinforce the accomplishments of my clients.

    I think we have alot in common!!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great to hear from you Anita! Hope you have a great vacation. PR sounds lovely!

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the extra body weight circuits! I love being able to do different circuits when I can’t make it to the gym so the variety really helps. As for my fav, I wouldn’t call it a ciricuit, but I love doing burpees. I do 10, rest for 30secs and continue for about 5 minutes or until I’m on the floor!

    As for my recover meal I love to go with the glass of chocolate milk and banana!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great stuff Mike!

  • Paul


    For the past several years I’ve tried a new and different workout program at the start of the New year (after New Year’s Eve). I stumbled upon TT this past December. Let me say that I’ve had the results, hands down, with TT than any of the other programs combined. It’s awesome! I never thought I could get the results I’ve gotten by doing bodyweight exercises and interval training. I’m not where I want to be yet, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I know have my peers asking me what I’m doing and asking to workout with me. 🙂

    Thanks for putting together an excellent program!



    • Craig Ballantyne

      Awesome! Thanks Paul and Debra!

  • Debra

    Love your workouts Craig. They find them ideal for getting back into working out after chemo treatments. Thanks!!!

  • Keep these up. I’m a desk jockey at work so I find every little bit helps. I can do the squats of various kinds, push ups off the wall, stretches, etc. in the ladies room if necessary. Get more sets that can be done in a confined or limited space. It’s easy to adapt them to home, travel, and…work.

  • Andy Henderson

    At the moment I’m doing this circuit.
    Chin Ups x10
    Crunches on Stability Ball x20
    Pull Ups x6
    Bodyweight Squats x30
    Push Ups x20
    Single Leg Squats x10 (each leg)
    2 minute rest, then repeat

    Thanks Craig


  • Craig Ballantyne

    Nice Andy, I’m not a big fan of crunches…try the ball rollouts or jackknives instead. Tough circuit!

  • Daniel Gatto

    Best bodyweight circuit I’ve ever came up with was this:

    bodyweight squats

  • Hi Craig,
    as always, you’re my idol in bodyweight workouts!
    i saw too many people out-there starting to put some of your famous routines into their own program (and call it theirs:)… you know who you are..

    anyway.. bodyweight workout really giving no excuses for people to not exercising.. can be done just about anywhere!!!

    my fav circuits are:
    1. start with jumping jack 50x
    2. then spiderman pushup 20x
    3. prisoner squat 20x
    4. plank and side plank 1min each
    5. cross mountain climber x30
    6. front lunges- both sides x20
    7. burpees x10
    8. rest 2mins, then continue from #2, for 2 more times.

    that flatten me out.

    I typically continue with some interval training (running) if I’ve the time/space. for about 5 burst.

    it works wonders for me. it’s my secret of losing the fat!

    thanks craig.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Sher!

      That is a tough circuit, nice stuff!

  • Susan Baldwin

    Craig, You are the Man and Bailey The Dog is the cutest dog! Thank you so much for your efforts and caring. I just found you last week and started an office job yesterday. I am already getting stiff, so will start my workouts tomorrow. I am looking forward to a new me by the fall, stronger still even though I am sitting for 8 a day.

    Thanks for caring about us all,

    Susan Baldwin

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thanks Susan! Let us know how it goes!

  • Meena

    Hi Craig,

    Are all of your workouts designed to be used by women as well as men? The reason I ask is that your product seems to be marketed mainly at men, is there a reason for this?



  • Hi Craig,

    I am just wondering – are bodyweight workouts enough for fat loss and maintaining it? Don’t we need to train with weights and machines as well?
    What’s the difference between the TT deluxe edition and the rest of the packages?


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Yes, bodyweight is enough. You don’t need machines or weights. The Deluxe edition contains all of the bodyweight manuals. Thanks!

  • Clair Haringa

    Craig, Awesome awesome awesome workouts. The only workouts to use. This man knows his stuff! No need for personal trainers with Mike Ballantyne around to teach you. Gorgeous dog too.

  • Lookin’ good Craig. Bodyweight workouts rock my socks. In the rare essence that you read this comment, you need to hit me up. Coming from a gymnastics background, we could work on something crazy. Something insane. So hit me up.

  • Kieran

    Hi Craig,

    By ‘puffy’ (maybe wrong word!) I mean ‘bulky’. I’m not tall (5’7) and don’t want an overly muscular look….?

    Thanks. I do love the workout though!