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Happy Ballantyne’s Day

5 Secrets for a Happy Ballantyne’s Day

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/14/2017

Wait, what have you been calling it?


How to Build a Perfect Podcast

By Craig Ballantyne | 01/30/2017

Last year I was interviewed on exactly 103 podcasts and tele-summits. I can tell a good one from a bad one pretty quickly. For example, recently I was interviewed by a “productivity expert.” The host had done 8 interviews that day, and I was his last. It was 1 a.m.…


How to Build a Business and Not Get Divorced

By Jon Acuff | 01/24/2017

Jenny likes to say that she quit my business. I, on the other hand, like to say that I fired her. Let’s agree to disagree. Regardless, two years into my business, my wife quit. Why? Because we were going to get a divorce eventually if she didn’t. No one tells…


3 Secrets to Perfect, Guilt-Free Business Dinners

By Craig Ballantyne | 01/23/2017

This is it. It’s the big one. You’re off to the annual convention for your industry. There are connections to make, meetings to attend, and presentations that can’t be missed. Of course, the annual event is in Vegas. And you have business dinners booked every night, at restaurants where the…


6 Secrets of How Millionaires Plan Their Day

By Kevin Kruse | 01/19/2017

What are the productivity secrets of self-made millionaires? Do they think about their time differently than the rest of us? I’ve interviewed 200 entrepreneurs including over 100 self-made millionaires. Among the many highly successful entrepreneurs who gave me their best productivity and time-management advice were Mark Cuban, Kevin Harrington, James…


The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Build a Rich Life

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/11/2017

Getting to work early is such a common virtue of successful people that I’m tempted to call it the single most important thing you can do to change your life.  I wasn’t always an early riser. For most of my twenties, if I saw the sun rise it was before…


ETR Exclusive: One on One with Ryan Holiday

By Tara McMeekin | 01/5/2017

Ryan Holiday has been breaking the rules of business strategy for nearly a decade. An unlikely success story, Holiday dropped out of UC Riverside when he was 19 to apprentice under Robert Greene. He’s gone on to work with Tucker Max, and for many years was the marketing director for American…


The First Step to Truly Getting Rich

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/5/2017

The first step to getting rich is shifting the way you look at the world to ask almost without thinking, how can this build my wealth?


7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your MBA

By Early to Rise | 01/4/2017

After deciding to attend an MBA program, getting the degree and entering the world of MBAs can be challenging. However, simply attending classes and earning your degree is only part of the work you’ll need to do while in school. The world runs on business, and having a deep understanding…

5 Rules for Success

5 Rules for Success in 2017

By Craig Ballantyne | 12/27/2016

These 5 rules changed my life. They helped me overcome stress, beat my anxiety attacks, write five books, and eventually to buy my dream business.


My Best Gift to You This Year

By Craig Ballantyne | 12/21/2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for your readership, questions, and support over another amazing year. This year you helped ETR and Turbulence Training… Buy over 10,215 toys at our annual Toys for Tots Charity Drive. Get The Perfect Day Formula in the hands of over 11,327…


How I Used a Podcast to Create Two Best-Selling Books

By Seth Greene | 12/16/2016

When I first created my podcast-into-book service, I used it for myself.  It “wrote” my book Cutting Edge Marketing Magic for me, with 18 amazing guests — including the CEOs of marketing firms who handled the NFL, AT&T, and MTV (folks I otherwise never would have gotten in front of.…