3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Employees

your employees

The world’s best entrepreneurs, like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Sarah Blakely know a business is only as strong as its employees.

That’s why you absolutely must improve your employees’ performance if you want to 10X your growth WITHOUT burning out in your business.

But most entrepreneurs, especially those trying to carry the business on their backs, make three BIG mistakes with their team.

So if you want your employees to drive your business – just like the greatest companies in the world – then there are three things you must NEVER do.

1. You Must Never Go More Than One Week Without Meeting With Your Direct Reports

If you aren’t meeting with your direct reports each week, you’re making a major mistake in your business – and you’re strangling your growth potential.

Based on decades of research by Mark Horstman, author or The Effective Manager, a key to improved employee performance is a spending dedicated one-on-one time with their boss on a weekly basis.

Spending time with your direct reports each week is a proven way to them into superstars and take tasks off your to-do list by delegating them to a capable individual.

2. You Must Never Delegate Without Providing Coaching And Guidance

While taking tasks off your to-do list is absolutely essential, most entrepreneurs do this the WRONG way.

The BIGGEST mistake we see entrepreneurs make is they expect their employee to be mind readers.

Giving your employee a task and expecting them to figure it out for themselves is a recipe for disaster.

As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to provide the coaching, support, and guidance your employees need to be successful in their work.

As your employees take on bigger responsibilities and projects, you need to ensure they get regular feedback to ensure their success.

3. You Must Never Treat Your Employee Like A Computer

You need to treat your employees like people and NOT like a computer program.

This means connecting with them on a mental and emotional level, discovering what makes them tick, and using that information to bring out the best in their performance.
It May Seem Complex, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

If you want to get the best performance possible out of your employees, it’s simpler than it looks: just use the “GS&R”.

The GS&R is not the name of a fancy new car.

It stands for “Goal Setting & Review,” a structured weekly meeting used by a new wave of successful entrepreneurs. You can download the entire deployment package from ETR University to start using this meeting structure.

For more than 30 years the GS&R meeting has been the secret weapon of fast growing businesses.

Long-term users refer to it as the single most important meeting an entrepreneur can run in any business, whether you’re a small six-figure start-up or a $400 million behemoth like Advertising.com.

And if you start using this meeting, you can see rapid growth without burnout.