Where Ideas Come From

Many people wonder where so-called “creative” people get their ideas.

They’re looking for answers that are profound. There aren’t any.

Ideas are in the air at all times. You simply reach in and pull one out by doing something that all young kids do in their imagination each and every day.

That is – you “make it up.”

Yes, you may “make up” your ideas based upon things you’ve already seen and heard – or felt. Yes, you may combine one thing with another thing until you have something unique. But you still “made it up.”

And when you make things up, you do so without resistance. You simply imagine – then move.

The other day, my eight-year-old and five-year-old were pounding me with punches while I was lying on the couch. They were yelling “Inside Kung Fu!” – then chopping me. A minute later, they were flexing and strutting around, saying “Errh, muscles!”

Where are they getting this stuff?

Sure, they’ve been influenced by me. But I have never gone around our home saying “Inside Kung Fu” while throwing punches. Nor have I ever flexed in front of my kids, grunted, and said “Muscles.”

Yes, there are bits and pieces of these elements at play – though most certainly NOT in the way my kids put them together. But as soon as the ideas “popped” into their creative little minds, they began expressing what they were thinking.

Becoming successful in business is much the same.

My successes – on the Internet as well as off the Internet – have NOT been a result of long-term planning, trying to get every detail right before doing anything. They have been a result of using my imagination to come up with an idea. Then moving forward on the idea – and continuing to move forward on it until the idea got completed.

And coming up with ideas isn’t hard. They’re all around us. Just look at little kids and you’ll see what I mean.

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