Truth About Cardio

The cardio debate rages on, and if you’re still skeptical that you can still get results without doing cardio everyday, then please read this…

My advice (and this works with excess protein intake as well)…

“Just cut back a little bit each week until you realize that doing less cardio (or eating less protein) doesn’t slow your fat loss progress.”

In fact, if you substitute harder intervals, I’ll bet you get more results. AND if you have a former “cardio addict recovery” story you’d like to share, please do so by replying in the comments section.

Yesterday, I gave this advice on my Facebook page, and received this brilliant reply from my Facebook friend, Siddharth Sheth:

“The thing that most people don’t realize is that you can’t expect to get different results by doing the same thing over and over again. People are afraid of change. They’d rather keep on running on a treadmill for 45 minutes and not lose weight than try something different that pushes them out of their comfort zone for as little as 20 minutes and see the fat melt away.”

I agree! Couldn’t have said it better.

In my opinion, folks stick with cardio because it is mentally easier to go for a jog or use the elliptical compared to doing real fat loss workouts that can change your body (such as the TT supersets, bodyweight exercises, and interval training).

Taking the easy way out does NOT work.

And it’s boring.

As another one of my Facebook friends, Maria Landez, said:

“I knew there was a reason I’ve never liked slow boring cardio. HATE IT!! Give me bodyweight or kettlebell exercise any day!”

You don’t need cardio for fat loss anyways. Siddharth lost 25 pounds without ever stepping on a treadmill or cardio machine. He used kettlebell and bodyweight exercises instead.

And those types of workouts are exactly what you’ll get in the October, November, and December Turbulence Training Workouts.

The October 2009 TT Fusion program is available now, and uses everything from barbells to kettlebells to bodyweight exercises. It was an instant classic when it was released.

In November, we’ll have a complete Kettlebell and Bodyweight program from the first ever Certified Turbulence Trainer, Chris Lopez.

And in December, you’re going to get four 12-minute circuits (one each for dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight exercises) to keep you lean over the holiday season. portallogo

You’ll get all three of those workouts in the TT Member’s area.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I just stumbled across another “intervals vs cardio” study…

…and I’ll be sharing the results soon. As you expect, this study doesn’t make cardio look good.

Unfortunately, too many folks find out the hard way, by doing a lot of cardio and getting no results. Or as one woman on my Facebook page said, she gained 5 pounds of fat when she switched from strength training to cardio.

Ouch! cardio workout book

Stick to Turbulence Training workouts instead.

Just say NO to cardio!