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breaking through fear of failure

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breaking through fear of failure

5 tips to build your brand

5 Tips to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Profits

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/11/2023

Want to build your brand and create EXPLOSIVE growth in your business’s revenue this year? Then click here to discover my 5 brand building tips for 2019.


Emotional Regulation: A 3-Step Process for Making Better Decisions

By Gavin McHale | 04/10/2023

How Emotional Regulation Landed Me a $15k Client In the early days of any service-based business, I think everyone makes at least one mistake in bringing on a “so-so” client simply because they’re willing to pay money. For me, that client was JB. Several red flags showed up early, like…

why a mentor your key to success

How to Find the Right Business Coach or Mentor to 10X Your Results in Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/5/2023

Click here to discover my bulletproof strategy to find the right coach or mentor so you can 10-100X your results in life or business 10X faster.

The Perfect Morning Routine

How to Have the Perfect Morning

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/4/2023

The secret to productive, priority-focused mornings is not a secret—in fact, the idea of a Morning Routine goes back generations. ETR Editor Craig Ballantyne unpacks this age-old wisdom, and how you can use it to win your days.

Stop anxiety

3 Steps to Stop Anxiety From Stealing Your Dreams

By Galel Fajardo | 04/3/2023

In my early 20’s I came face-to-face with an enemy that came to destroy my life. It took away my happiness, my ability to sleep, and made me physically ill. That enemy’s name is “anxiety.” I was your stereotypical entrepreneur… Constantly “hustling” and “grinding” because “money never sleeps.” I sacrificed…


Make Your To-Do List Disappear

By Daniel Woodrum | 03/29/2023

I was on a call the other day with a coaching client, and he said something that made me chuckle.  But it also sparked today’s message. I’d asked the client towards the end of our call, “What can I do for you this week to make sure you accomplish your goals?” Without skipping…


This Stuff Is Hard

By Daniel Woodrum | 03/22/2023

In the past few months I’ve had over 100 coaching conversations via email, phone calls and texts with entrepreneurs & business owners.  Most of these conversations end up being around dealing with emotions… strained relationships… putting out fires… dealing with unhappy clients or customers… not being able to find enough…


Where Can You Save $$$ In Your Business?

By Daniel Woodrum | 03/15/2023

Over the past month we’ve been creating a new program we will be selling starting next week (you’ll get free access to it as a client!). It’s called the Profit Maximizer Program. The program includes 14 Profit Maximizer Strategies that any business can implement to earn more profits in their…

Emails System

11 Steps to Own Your Inbox

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/1/2023

If you get too much email and you want to get to inbox zero, this will help. In the last few weeks I’ve received variations of this question from several clients… “Craig, my inbox is so slammed with emails that I forget to reply to people and I drop the…

114 - 5 Money Stealing Myths About Morning Routines

235 – Meet Craig’s Brave Wife, Her Morning Routine, and 3-Word Success Mantra

By Craig Ballantyne | 08/16/2021

Today, my wife Michelle and I talk about our journey in the last 12-months, what has kept us motivated and the three word success mantra.

201 - Vivid Vision Creation: How to Find Love and Success

232 – Craig Ballantyne’s 17 Ways to Double Your Daily Discipline (Part 1)

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/26/2021

Today, I am going to walk you through part one of my 17 ways to double your discipline.

127 - 20 Motivational Tips and Mindset Strategies for Unstoppable Success in Business and Life

224 – Change Your Life and Step Into Your Authentic Greatness with Michael De Santi

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/31/2021

Today, I talk with Michael De Santi and his advice will help you boost your confidence, overcome your fears, and step into your greatness.