Craig’s Top Morning Motivation Messages of 2018

If you’re not already a subscriber to Craig’s Morning Messages, you’re missing out. Short, actionable, and insightful, these 2-3-sentence inspirations cut through the seas of information we swim through every day. They capture the most important lessons of Craig’s...

6 Key Ways to Set Strategic Goals for Your Business (Vetted by Entrepreneurs)

Eek! We’re more than halfway through 2018. So before you dig into another meeting or go chasing after another client, I want you to ask yourself a critical question: Has the first half of 2018 been successful for your business? There's no question that "success" has...

How to Be a Fighter Jet in Life

You are either a crop duster or a fighter jet, and if you’re a crop duster right now, you’d better bust your hump to turn into a fighter jet starting today. Now what do I mean by that? I mean that hardworking people and high performers are like fighter jets. A fighter...

Why This 7×7 Grid is the Secret to a Perfect Week

Every Wednesday afternoon, my friend Bedros Keuilian tells me to, "Take a hike." It doesn’t matter if we just spent three hours filming new episodes of our Empire podcast, if we spent the entire day coaching entrepreneurs in our Empire mastermind, or if we spent hours...
5+ Ways to DEFEAT Pessimism

5+ Ways to DEFEAT Pessimism

Kicking negativity out the door is easier than you think. We’ve got 5+ tips that will help you do just that, AND get you on the positive side of life.

How to Get Better at Anything

How to Get Better at Anything

I started meditating on Thursday, January 31st, 2013. I haven't missed a day since. It hasn't been easy, but the secrets I've discovered on this journey have also made me a top-rated speaker, a better manager, and a more effective businessman. I'll explain how that...

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